Advantages of using a Buyers Agent

Buyer agents represent your winning ticket as far as your property investments overseas are concerned. When buying a holiday home or an investment property the goal is to get the best property for the best price, Sometimes you may not have the necessary knowledge to do so and it gets even get trickier when the property that you want to buy is located overseas. This is where the role of a buyers agent comes into action.

In today’s article, we will discuss the main reasons why you should hire a buyers agent if you ever wanted to buy a holiday or second home, especially when it is located in another country.

Saves Time and Energy

The number one priority of every buyer is: to find a property that really fits them in terms of location, finance and lifestyle, and sometimes, this process can take up a lot of time especially when you are considering to buy a place in a different country.

Buying a home is a time-consuming process, and it takes lots of effort to find a place that really ticks all the boxes. If you do not have the necessary experience, you might spend days and even weeks searching, and if you have a job that requires your presence and attention, this process will get even harder and may take even longer if you are not present in the target country.

It is very important to use a buyers agent as they will understand your needs and knows exactly where to look and will save you a lot of time since they will be doing all the searching for you.

Buyer agents take responsibility for searching through multiple listings that fits your budget. They also discuss and negotiate with owners and brokers in order to get you the best deals. (we will deal with this idea in a separate point).

They understand the pitfalls

Whether you’re buying your first house or you are fifth, chances are you don’t physically look at houses on a daily basis.  A successful buyers agent is physically looking at dozens of properties each and every week.

Some properties could require necessary works which you may not notice. Hiring a professional who can identify all the drawbacks of a given property and notice all possible inconveniences that may cause the dissatisfaction of the buyer, which in this case is you.

Access to experienced professionals needed during the transaction.

When the buyers agent has been working in the area for some time they know the right professionals to work with. Buying a property requires many peoples input including Lawyers, Surveyors and other services.

They will be able to introduce you to the best and guide you along the process. The world of real estate financing can be very confusing and complex.  One thing to expect when you hire a buyers agent when buying a house is help with evaluating and securing the best financing for your circumstances.

buyers agent

A buyers agent can help you navigate through the various financing options and help you decide

Knowledge of the Area

One thing that is worth mentioning in this particular article, is that you are looking for a home which is outside your country. This means that you don’t even know the territory that you will be living in, and this can prove to be very problematic, especially if you don’t choose carefully.

The value of a house increases with the quality of the area it is located in and the agent will know the best ones and they understand the intricacies of the various local markets.

Buyer agents’ priority is to guarantee your satisfaction by checking the territory before considering a certain property.

The Art of Negotiation

I don’t think that Bill Gates or Warren Buffet is reading this article, and unless you are as rich as them, you may want to consider the idea that every euro matter. Try to ask yourself this question: what are the factors that increase or decrease the value of a property? the factors vary with time and changes from one location to another. This means that the price of a house in your country is not the same as the one of a property in another and even more so in an overseas market.

A huge benefit that you’ll receive when you hire a buyers agent is that they’re negotiating on your behalf.

Buyer agents make sure to get you the best property for the best price.

We have experienced agents available to advise on locations in Spain and Portugal so save yourself time and money and get in touch.


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