Top 5 Home Sales of 2021

That Will Leave You Awestruck

2021 was indeed a strange year. Although COVID made our lives awful, there were many good things too. For Instance, it brought families together. People who were too worn up because of their hectic schedules got to spend some time with families at home. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the housing industry saw a massive increase in sales this year. Leave the rest of the world aside; only New York, Southern California, and South Florida crossed over $100 million sales. Here are the top 5 home sales of 2021 that will not miss to amaze you.

1.    Serge Azria’s Malibu Sold for $177 Million

In 2013, fashion tycoon Serge Azria bought Malibu for $41 million that Scott Mitchell Studio remodeled. After 8 years, Serge Azria sold his magnificent Malibu for an impressive $177 million. Azria made the biggest deal in the history of California’s property. The Malibu is a beautiful two-plot Paradise Cove, a 7-acre residence. Serge Azria’s Malibu was bought by the CEO of Joie and Equipment brands. Of all the 5 home sales, this one is the most expensive!

2.    Ultra-Luxe Knightsbridge Pad Sold for $147 Million

Despite the ongoing pandemic, London still hasn’t lost its sheen with being ultra-rich. An anonymous buyer bought the glorious ultra-luxe Knightsbridge development One Hyde Park after paying a whopping amount of $147 million. The owner is Hassan Ismail, former CEO of the now liquidated construction firm Arabtec Holdings based in Dubai.

3.    Beautiful Palm Beach Mansion Sold for $122.7 Million

Earlier this winter, Scott Shleifer, the founder of Tiger Global Management, made headlines after purchasing a Palm Beach Mansion for a whopping amount of $122.7 million. It became the most expensive house to be sold in cash in the history of Palm Beach and Florida.  Moreover, the beautiful land was the former property of Ex-President of America, Donald Trump. The guest house was 21,000 sq ft. and was built in 2020, having nine bedrooms.

top 5 home sales

4.    Southampton Estate Sold for $101 Million

Earlier this spring, a historic piece of property in Southampton was sold for $101 million and has successfully become one of the most expensive houses to be sold in the country as of the year 2021. It was originally founded in 1957 by Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II. But Henry lost it during a divorce settlement. The stunning 42-acre residence has the best beach views around. Moreover, the stunning estate has also appeared recently in HBO’s smash series “Succession.”

5.    Hearst Estate Sold for $63.1 Million

Hearst’s former home of William Randolph was sold to billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. Other bidders for the Hearst Estate were beaten up by Nicolas’s huge offer of $63.1 million, and Nicolas became the new owner of this magnificent 29,000 square foot property in Beverly Hills. However, the latest residence of Nicolas is the oldest historic home in Los Angeles. Major films like “The Godfather” and “Black is King” were also shot in this residency and a romantic honeymoon destination for JFK and Jackie O. in 1953.


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