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Discovering the Timeless Charm of 18-19 Kensington Gardens

The 18-19 Kensington Gardens residence is a living tale of luxury priced at $128 million. The property is currently owned by the prestigious Mittal family.

A Tale of Restoration: Bringing History Back to Life

In the transformative 1990s, Sir David, the visionary behind Oracle, embarked on an ambitious venture. Acquiring the leases of two dilapidated buildings in Kensington Palace Gardens, he dreamt of restoring them to their former splendor. This colossal undertaking, valued at $90 million, sought to resurrect the architectural brilliance envisioned by Sir Charles Barry, the mastermind behind the Palace of Westminster.

The restoration, spanning five years, mirrored the scale of Windsor Castle’s post-fire reconstruction. Guided by English Heritage, the house proudly retains its historic character, echoing the elegance captured in Barry’s original 1845 drawings.

Architectural Elegance: Features That Dazzle

Unified by the visionary design of Sir Charles Barry, these houses boast a lavish expanse of 55,000 sq. feet. Envision a paradise of marble spanning 3,000 sq meters, resonating with the grandeur reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. Semi-precious stones imported from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and India add a touch of unparalleled opulence.

Luxe Living: A Haven of Extravagance

Beyond the realms of a traditional home, 18-19 Kensington Gardens stands as a haven of luxury. An indoor swimming pool, spa facilities, steam showers, and saunas redefine everyday living, elevating it to a truly regal experience.

Whimsical Revelations: Fun Facts

Embark on a whimsical journey through enchanting trivia about 18-19 Kensington Gardens:

  1. A Workforce of Dedication: The extensive restoration project involved a workforce of 400-500 craftsmen daily, treating the property with the reverence reserved for a cherished masterpiece.
  2. A Versatile Venue: Beyond being a private residence, the house metamorphoses into a grand venue, accommodating up to 1,000 guests for receptions and 250 for dinners.
  3. The Marble Paradise: Encompassing 3,000 sq meters, the marble paradise features marble from the same quarry that graced the iconic Taj Mahal.

Unraveling Mysteries: FAQs

Who currently owns 18-19 Kensington Gardens?

The Mittal family is the proud current owner, continuing a legacy that includes the Rothschilds and Reuters families.

How long did the meticulous restoration process take?

The intricate restoration unfolded over five years, a labor of love dedicated to reviving the historical charm of the property.

What is the total area of the house?

A: The unified houses boast an expansive 55,000 sq. feet, providing a canvas of grandeur.

How many craftsmen were involved in the daily restoration efforts?

A: The restoration project witnessed the dedicated efforts of 400-500 craftsmen daily, contributing to the grandeur of the estate.

What events can the house host?

A: The versatile venue transforms into a space for grand receptions accommodating up to 1,000 guests and intimate dinners for 250.

Image Courtesy : Nasser David Khalili

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