Nicolas Cage Has Listed A 30-Acre Island

Property In The Bahamas

In the 2000s, the Academy Award-winning actor was at the height of his career. He was even considered one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. With so much money on hand. Nicholas Cage clearly knew to do something and got interested in purchasing a bunch of islands. One of those islands, Leaf Cay situated in the Bahamas, is now for sale after the ghost rider chose to sell one of his unexpected purchases.

This Oscar winner actor, Nicolas Cage, who once owned up to 15 luxury houses, got rid of most of his property nearly a decade ago to pay off a huge tax debt. He also wasted his $150 million fortune on bizarre purchases such as dinosaur skulls.

Nonetheless, he is still trying to sell Leaf Cay in the Bahamas. American actor Nicholas Cage is struggling under the weight of an enormous private island.

Nicholas Cage’s private island is an ideal 30-acre island in the Bahamas that is still undeveloped and has been put up for sale. It is situated about 85 miles southeast of Nassau in the Exumas archipelago and was reportedly bought for $3 million by the Hollywood heavyweight in 2006.

Three magnificent beaches with protected deep water access for anchoring yachts or tenders and cleared areas of development are available on this enchanting island.

Furthermore, Nicholas Cage’s private island is underdeveloped and a black canvas for buyers. According to the Christie’s International Real Estate listing, “full development approvals” have been obtained to design and build five cottages with additional support buildings. There is also permission to build a marina over one of the island’s two large ponds.

Leaf Cay for sale


Leaf Cay For 7.5 Million U.S Dollar

Leaf Cay is famous for its sapphire-blue waters, idyllic beaches, and world-popular Bahamas pigs. It is also in an excellent location, encircled by 365 cays and islands that expand for more than 120 miles and include some notable attractions. Bock Cay, located nearest to the area, is expecting to welcome a $75 million development that will cover a golf course, resort hotel, marina, and helipad.

According to Christie, “Leaf Cay symbolizes the last great private island chance at a fair price for a fee simple island with nice and clear title, like the delightful waters surrounding it.”

Leaf Cay is full of natural wonder, and it offers excellent fishing near the Exuma Sound. Nicholas Cage’s private island is for sale after he purchased it in 2006. It is for sale on PIO for US$7.5 million.

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