September 17, 2019

Dubai investment: why investing in property is a good alternative asset

Dubai investment

Opportunities in the Dubai investment real estate sector appear to be very strong at the moment and in the Middle East as a whole.

While the cost of living goes up due to heightening school fees and rents, residents are on the quest to put their money into a more stable living situation: into bricks and property investment opportunities.

International investors, in general, are constantly searching for worthy investment opportunities as they expect growth ahead of Expo 2020, which is set to attract visitors from all over the world.

Off-plan properties have also been popular among buyers as more developers are securing mortgages for their new projects. Increase trust among investors comes from knowing that developers and brokers have to get the approval from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority before they’re able to advertise the property.

Many real estate companies are noticing a big demand and an increase in questions. Undoubtedly there are property price fluctuations, but in all, there is much more clarity in the real estate industry in Dubai and investors are feeling a lot more secure and confident.

Last year, news reports showed that Dubai attracted AED25.5 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and kept their position in the top 10 global cities that attract overseas investment – they ranked seventh worldwide. This shows a lot about Dubai investment opportunities and how strong Dubai’s economy is. An increasing amount of expats is flooding into Dubai city and searching for valuable real estate projects.

The government in Dubai is committed to developing their infrastructure too, which is improving the entirety of this Middle Eastern gem. For example, the emirate has approved a $327 million (DH 1.2 billion) highway expansion initiative that will improve traffic and the flow around the city. This will dramatically enhance Dubai’s culture, reputation and all-around lifestyle. This project will also save time for people and make lives easier, a benefit for both citizens and tourists.

A lot of the time, real estate investors and developers go for residential units, offices, hotels and retail projects, however now, a lot of investors are placing their money into warehouses, schools and hospitals. There is an increase in demand, which creates great opportunities for returns on investment for investors.

Property investment opportunities are inevitably found all over the world, but exciting real estate projects and Dubai investment is a safe haven right now, and people from all over the world are only growing more interested in their real estate market.

Why not diversify your income portfolio and include more ‘alternative asset classes’? Investing in the real estate market is a long term stable option that will enable you to sustain steady growth in returns. Capitalise the benefit that real estate offers and make the most of the good prices in the market.

Written by Gemma Smith

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