Stunning Home Near the Famous Yves Saint Laurent Garden in Morocco

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Marrakech is a famous city, known for providing design inspiration for interiors and gardens. Yves Saint Laurent’s spectacular Jardin Marjorelle, a majestic estate captivated by the town’s scenery and design traditions, is one of the best examples of this.

The History Behind It

The 1960s mansion lies next to Morocco’s Jardin Majorelle. French painter Jacques Majorelle was the creator of this beautiful abode in 1923.

Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge bought this grand two-acre estate after knowing that it was about to be bulldozed by some developer.

Moreover, this same couple founded the famous French fashion house YSL in 1961, brought up the garden to its current condition. And they transformed it into one of Ochre City’s most popular attractions, attracting approximately 800,000 tourists each year.

It’s worth mentioning that the late fashion icons didn’t even live in the 6,996-square-foot pad on the proposal. Instead, the couple lived on the sole basis in a modernist mansion constructed by French architect Paul Sinoir in the early 1900s.

What Jardin Marjorelle Has To Offer?

Jardin Marjorelle

The colorful home of six bedrooms and seven baths, on the other hand, shares the same breathtaking grounds. The living rooms are arranged around a terrace and en-suite bedrooms, each with a private balcony. This stylish home also has a pool of around half an acre. Aside from the pool and deck, there is an adjoining pavilion with two more suites and a living room.

Jardin Marjorelle has a lot more to offer. In 2011, Laurent and Berge also inaugurated the country’s first Berber museum. The museum, placed in Majorelle’s former painting studio, is dedicated to one of North Africa’s oldest peoples and gives details of the Berbers’ extraordinary creativity.

It has over 600 artifacts and other objects from Rif Mountains to the Sahara. Laurent and Berge officially gathered these items for exhibition. Nearby this place are the classy Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Other attractions in Jardin Marjorelle include the Café Majorelle. The Cafe has cozy Moroccan salons and an inside courtyard for dining. It also has a Boutique, which sells traditional Moroccan items that reflect the city’s history. The store also has a street named after the designer.

The house is ideal for artistic people looking for a genuine getaway that’s also packed full, on weekends and holidays, with dear ones.

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