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Now Owns Over 1400 Acre of Hawaii Property

Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta Founder, is now the owner of around 1400 acres in Hawaii! Mark didn’t buy all this Hawaii property at once, but he bought it in pieces. In December 2021, the 37-year-old entrepreneur and his 36-year-old wife, Priscilla Chan, bought 110 acres of agricultural land on Kauai Island for a whopping $17 million.

Hawaii Property

After purchasing this 110 acres of land, the total area of Hawaii under Zuckerberg’s ownership is said to have exceeded 1400 acres in total. You may have heard about the famous Ka Loko Reservoir. After this recent purchase, the Ka Loko Reservoir also belongs to Mark.

The Ka Loko Reservoir is a water reservoir on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, which was created by an earthen dam. On March 14, 2006, the dam burst and caused a huge flood, killing seven people, including a toddler and a pregnant woman, and leaving many people homeless. It is now official that the Ka Loko Reservoir, along with the surrounding areas, is now a property of the Facebook owner and that he is paying full attention to legalizing the property under his name.

Hawaii property

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the purchase was made through a company owned by the Pflueger family. Let us remind you that the Pflueger family is the same family that was held responsible for the dam failure, more specifically speaking James Pflueger. In 2014, James was sentenced to 7 months in prison for the dam failure. He was released in 2015 and died in 2017 at the age of 91.

The reservoir is highly damaged and is still at significant risk of being on the state’s list of high-risk dams. The couple plans to improve the state of the reservoir to promote safety so that it would no longer be a threat to human life or resources. Before this purchase, the couple already had more than 1300 acres of land.

In March 2021, the WhatsApp and Instagram CEO bought 600 acres of land in Hawaii near Kauai’s North Shore for a massive $53 million. In 2014, Chan and Zuckerberg bought a 750 acre compound on the North Shore of Kauai and had been the residents of the Kauai Island ever since. The couple bought the 750 acres property in two sets.

Furthermore, the couple bought a 393-acre parcel called Pila’s beach and a 357-acre former sugarcane plantation called Kahu’aina Plantation. A total of $100 million was paid for both properties. All these areas are a part of Mark’s Hawaii property now. If you, too are interested in a Hawaii estate, Click here!

Zuckerberg, with his family of two pretty daughters and a wife, kept visiting their Hawaii home throughout the pandemic. The power couple also committed $1 million to help the people of Kauai Island during the pandemic time.

We’re excited to see what the Zuckerberg family is going to buy next in Hawaii!

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