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Ellison Estate Japanese Oasis: A $200 Million Marvel

Ellison Estate: A $200 Million Oasis of Luxury

In the picturesque landscapes of Woodside, California, Larry Ellison, the visionary founder of Oracle, has curated a haven of serenity and luxury – Ellison Estate. Valued at an astounding $200 million, this residence transcends the notion of a mere home; it is an embodiment of meticulous design, Japanese-inspired architecture, and a commitment to authenticity.

A Japanese Haven:

Spanning 23 acres, Ellison Estate embraces the serenity of a 16th-century Japanese imperial palace. This meticulously crafted estate features a manmade lake, a traditional tea house, a bathhouse, and a captivating koi pond, all intricately designed to capture the essence of Japanese aesthetics.

Nine Years of Artistry:

The realization of Ellison’s vision required time and dedication, spanning nine years. While the main house is a modest 8,000 square feet, the true grandeur lies in the attention to detail. The strategically placed boat dock divides the public and private areas, adding a touch of distinction to this architectural gem.

Structural Marvels:

Beyond its size, Ellison Estate distinguishes itself through its construction. The structures, reflecting Japanese architectural finesse, forego conventional nails in favor of intricate joinery. Mud-covered walls, enhancing both aesthetics and seismic resilience, can withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale.

Landscaping Extravaganza:

The 2.3-acre manmade lake, a central feature of the estate, demanded meticulous effort. Over 10 million pounds of rocks were carefully positioned to create a harmonious landscape. A small waterfall, an engineering marvel, and the addition of fog effects enhance the authenticity of the Japanese ambiance.

A Detailed Exploration: Ellison Estate’s History

Ellison Estate’s journey began with Larry Ellison’s vision of a Japanese-inspired retreat. The meticulous planning and execution of this vision took nearly a decade, with each structure thoughtfully designed to create a seamless blend of luxury and tranquility. The estate’s construction, eschewing conventional methods, stands as a testament to Ellison’s commitment to both aesthetic and structural integrity.

Living Work of Art:

Beyond its monetary value, Ellison Estate encapsulates Ellison’s passion for finer things. This living work of art invites residents to experience the serenity of a Japanese imperial palace, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate life’s most exquisite details.

In the heart of California, Ellison Estate stands as an ode to Japanese aesthetics, an architectural masterpiece where luxury meets authenticity, offering a sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of refined living.

Fun Facts about Ellison Estate:

  1. Hidden Passages: Ellison Estate features discreet passages, adding an element of mystery and charm.
  2. Koi Tales: The koi pond is home to a curated collection of Japanese koi, each with its unique story.
  3. Zen Gardens: Scattered throughout the estate, the zen gardens provide serene spots for reflection.
  4. Cherry Blossom Grove: Ellison planted a grove of cherry blossom trees, creating a breathtaking springtime spectacle.
  5. Tea House Ceremonies: The tea house hosts traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, offering a meditative experience.
  6. Digital Art Gallery: Ellison’s personal collection of digital art is displayed throughout the estate, marrying tradition with technology.

FAQs about Larry Ellison’s Retreat:

Q: Why did Larry Ellison choose a Japanese theme?

A: Ellison has a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, and the theme reflects his admiration.

Q: Is Ellison Estate open for public tours?

A: Currently, Ellison Estate is a private retreat and not open to public tours.

Q: How often does Larry Ellison visit the estate?

A: Ellison frequents his estate, often finding inspiration in its serene surroundings.

Q: Can visitors explore the tea house?

A: The tea house is a private space, not accessible to visitors.

Q: Are there any cultural events hosted at Ellison Estate?

A: Occasionally, cultural events like traditional Japanese performances are hosted for residents.

Q: What inspired the digital art collection at the estate?

A: Ellison’s fascination with technology and art inspired the integration of digital art throughout the estate.

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