Living in Spain: how it can help your health

A small dosage of stress is good but not too much – which is why living in Spain can really benefit your health as it offers a very relaxing lifestyle.

While it feels amazing to get through the day, the best benefit to your health is relaxing. Living in Spain gives you the opportunity to relax a lot in the sunshine. The Spanish mindset is very laid back but that is a wonderful thing.

Many would argue that stress is our biggest health concern – it is heavily linked to heart problems and dementia. Ensure that you take up as many activities as possible that helps you to relax – whether it’s reading a book, taking a quiet walk, meditating, running or whatever it may be.

So what are the main health benefits of relaxing and how can it be adapted to living in Spain?

Relaxing keeps you safe from depression

Nobody likes to feel sad – feeling happy is the best feeling in the world, right? Why not relax more, look after yourself and absorb the Spanish sun to steer clear from stress, which ultimately could spark depression? Stress can kill brain cells and can even stop new ones from being formed. People in stressful situations tend to lose their appetite, feel sadder and more hopeless, and that’s not what we want to happen – so doing our best to stay away from the causes is the best way to start.

Relaxing helps you to make better decisions

Make informed choices and decisions by staying more relaxed. Thinking of living in Spain? That is a great decision! With so much to do and see, Spain is truly a beautiful and magnificent country with an abundance of cultural, social and political heritage. The last thing we want to happen to us is for our judgments to become cloudy, especially when faced with important decisions.

Relaxing will keep you in a good mood

Relaxing will help to keep people stabilised, and this is more likely while living in Spain. In the UK for example, there is a ‘rushed mindset’ that is actually very corruptive. It can not only cause a lot of stress and unhappiness, but people can also lose interest in their lover/partner. While a lot of men say that time with their woman is a stress reliever, for busy women, making time for their man seems like a burden and an added stress. We need to prevent this from happening!

Investors and buyers in the real estate market are always keen to keep their eyes on the Spanish property market as it offers citizens and tourists an ideal lifestyle, so maybe take a look into it yourself!

Written by Gemma Smith

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