Importance of Professional Photography

The word photography can be defined into multiple meanings, yet no one can ignore the importance of the practical side of it in giving a fresh and crisp impression about the thing being snapped. Since the beginning of the 21st century, and with the growth of social media, photography has witnessed radical and revolutionary improvements in terms of build, technology, and image quality. And the reason behind such improvements is clear: there was always a need for enhancements that would make anyone stare at a given photo for as long as possible and admire its beauty.

In this article we will discuss the importance of professional photography and why you should consider hiring a real estate photographer before listing your home for sale. 

Remember the potential buyers probably live in another country and need to be convinced online before any viewings.

Better Photos = Better Judgement

     Have you ever seen a picture of earth from the nighttime half? The answer would be “yes, I did.” But you probably only saw a black round object with little yellow dots on it. But if you see earth from the other half, the daytime half, you would surely admire the beauty of the seas and oceans and their smooth blend with the continents.

Now, ask yourself this question: if you were to sell earth to someone else, would you show them the nighttime picture or the daytime one?

Of course, you would show the daytime one since it showcases the beauty of the globe and how colorful our planet is (unless you want to sell to it to a bat, which I advise you to show the nighttime one because those fellas are no fans of light). 

The same concept applies to selling your home. You do not want to take ‘unprofessional’ pictures of your home since that will certainly make any interested buyer consider skipping your home from the first picture. This is the professional world and not Instagram. Quality matters more than a heart on one of your posts.

You need to have a professional photographer who can consider all the circumstances that would affect the image quality and create the perfect environment for the perfect picture.

This includes: good lights, professional editing, and most importantly a focus on the angle from which an image is taken.

Blind Spots Affect the Sales

     We have previously mentioned the importance of having a professional photographer who can take care of taking images from good angles. It is pretty obvious that an angle from which an image is taken can massively increase the beauty of a certain picture. But what is worth noting is that the same angle can affect the quality of the picture if it contains an unintentional element inside it that we call a blind spot.

Blind spots can range from a broken window, to a non-working lightbulb, to mud part of the floor. It basically represents every part of the image that may generate a negative impression from the part of the viewer, and this can affect the potential of selling your home massively.

You do not want to take a picture of a good kitchen with a broken window in the background, this will make the potential buyer consider the idea that the owner might be hiding other bad parts of the house, since you’re not exposing the broken parts in the pictures, and this will lead them to skip this home simply because every buyer wants a home which is beautiful, but most importantly: a home which is ready to live in.

Professional photographers take care of all this and more, so even if you have a kitchen with a broken window, professional photographers can edit the picture of that window in order to list your home for sale fast and give you a fair amount of time to fix that window at your own pace.

Less Photos Means Less Trust

     If I ask you to take your smartphone and take pictures of a house that I am interested in, you will probably bring me from 7 to 12 pictures. You may think that 12 pictures is a good number, especially if the images are of different places inside the house. But in the real estate field, a photographer is expected to take a minimum of 40 to 50 pictures of the home listed for sale.

You may ask yourself: why such a big number? And the answer simply lies in the details. Buyers want to see pictures of the house that would make them feel as if they already visited that place. This is why they need as many pictures as possible in order to notice and admire every aspect of the house they are interested in and what is even better is that the positives of a given number of pictures may erase the negative impressions that a particular client may have acquired previously about a certain house.

To sum it up, it seems fair to say that having a real estate photographer is indeed a matter of high importance that should be considered by anyone who is interested in listing their home for sale. Good photographers represent a decisive element that will surely boost the possibility of getting your home sold by at least 80%. And the more skilled the photographer is, the better the resulting images are, and the more likely your home can be sold. After all remember the buyers in probably in another country and needs as much information as possible.

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