Most Popular Countries for Holiday Homes in 2016

The Most Popular Countries for buying a property in 2016, for Investment and Holiday Homes.


No matter where you live or what your culture, ethnicity or religion is, you have to go through the rites of passage of buying a property at some point in your life in one way or the other. Yes, that’s a pretty big decision for all of us. When you’re searching for a suitable place to buy a property for investment and to use on holiday, you need to check out the location, local benefits, real estate value and such other factors before deciding. Different countries have different benefits and drawbacks associated with their real estate properties. However, here is a list of a few of the most popular countries for buying in 2016 for investment and holiday homes:

Spain can be considered the perfect spot for holiday homes because of its countless mesmerizing holiday locations. If you want to see urban life along with sun and sea, Spain is the best holiday location for you. In terms of investment, Barcelona is one of the finest places in Spain to buy a home as an investment as its real estate market can offer you a decent profit within no time. Moreover, you can also consider to invest in property in Catalonia or Costa Del Sol to buy cheap properties and rent it out (Rent is pretty high in this region).


Turkey has really proved its significant presence among other charming European locations. If you want to enjoy a little diverse culture in a modernized urban setting, it’s one of the best locations to enjoy holidays with friends and family. It’s beautiful as well as affordable for tourists. Its living cost is almost half as that of London and along with its rich and diverse culture makes for a fantastic location to search for property.

If you want the perfect European country where you cannot only invest in property but can also enjoy your holidays in your personal holiday home, sunnier and warmer South of France is the ideal destination for you. You can opt for vineyard regions for investment and can rent out your holiday homes to the tourists who often come there. The real best news is that the real estate prices have decreased in France in recent years, so it can be your best time to buy a holiday home and use it as an investment as well as to enjoy your holidays with friends and family.

United States of America
USA is also one of the most important places to be considered for buying a property or for investing in a holiday home. New York is not only its cultural capital but it is also popular for its exciting and enthralling activities, with people all over the world. Not a single person who has visited New York would ever tell you that he/she was bored in New York. Although living cost is a little higher than that of other place yet it’s pretty good for the kind of life it has to offer you. Moreover, buying homes for investment purposes can really make good bucks over time.

It’s the best location for North American people who want to invest in a cheaper but awesome location to enjoy their holidays in. If you need first world amenities along with sophisticated infrastructure and value for money, this is one of the top real estate hotspot you will find. It’s cheap as you can afford big luxuries for a little amount of money there. It’s the perfect location to buy a holiday home for you in 2016.
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