November 13, 2019

Australian Grand Designs house is going up for auction

Australian Grand Designs

An Australian Grand Designs house in Clovelly, in New South Wales, is up for auction this August with a $6 million guide.

This is a huge sum of money and comes as a Royal Bank of Scotland CIO decides to sell his designer beach home, named Patrick Eltridge.

He has hopes of getting more than $6 million for the property, which is definitely aimed towards those buyers who have a large savings pot.

The move comes two years after he quit as Telstra CIO to take up the overseas role, but this property news will certainly please a lot of investors and/or buyers who are looking to buy a beautiful, stunning but expensive property in Australia.

The property has four bedrooms and the auction is set to take place on the 12th August this year. It is located at 53 Knox St in Clovelly, a beautiful and stunning part of Australia.

Clovelly is a small beach-side suburb in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, so it is a very tranquil and relaxing part of Australia. However, even just being aware that the property is an Australian Grand Designs house gives it some sort of importance. It even sounds expensive.

Patrick Eltridge and his wife bought an old home on a 600 sqm piece of land for $1.635 million during 2005 but got rid of it and replaced it with a prefab house, that came from Melbourne, all within a year.

He registered to bid on the day of the auction and saw potential. This is a great move to do on the behalf of any property investor: see if a property has the potential to sell, see if it is worth refurbishment and recognise whether money can be earned from it before choosing to buy a property.

The property was designed by Pleysier Perkins, a profound architecture, which also had the landscaping by the Secret Gardens. It wasn’t built until 2009. It then showed on Grand Designs a year later.

It looks like a very contemporary home, not like it’s been shifted from another state. The landscaping really compliments it and gives off the impression that it has been purposely built for the location.

So time will tell how much this Australian Grand Designs house will sell for, but one thing is certain, this designer beach house is an absolute beauty in what can be classed as a ‘beautiful and stunning location’.

Written by Gemma Smith

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