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Millennials shape the Middle East travel industry

Millennials are playing a huge role in the Middle East travel industry, helping to shape and steer the way of travel efforts.

They are highly influential and this is only set to strengthen over the next few years.

They are representing more and more of the travel industry and time moves forward: they are continuously connected to the online realm, they remain context aware and like to share their experiences of travel through an intimate and memorable way.

Millennials are even encouraging certain avenues among hotel chains: many are responding to their customer base by purchasing boutique brands to add to their portfolio. Businesses need to keep up with the current day trends and realise what it is their clientele is looking for.

By keeping up with the 21st century in the travel industry, property investors and forecasters are able to foresee what is to come in that year, which helps to guide property decisions.

Millennials demand the latest technology to help them to stay engaged and connected worldwide and look for hotel chains and other travel industry-focused companies to personalise their experience through technology. This is ever-growingly clear throughout the entire Middle Eastern property market.

A factual piece of information shows that over 70% of travellers say that Wi-Fi plays an integral role in deciding whether they will go ahead with booking with a business. If Wi-Fi is not available then a lot of millennials decide to not go ahead with their purchase.

Technology helps businesses to identify who is investing in their services, what their main interest(s) are and where they have intentions of going. Tech also helps to drive ideas forward, for example, with indicating ‘why’ certain customers choose particular packages for example, or why they decide to travel at certain times of the year.

This information can be profoundly useful for a company, to help build their client base and to increase more sales, generating more revenue.

Connectivity is now an important aspect of travel and technology combined, so keeping on top of new advancements should be a premise for travel-related companies in all fields. This is being utilised through the Middle East travel industry and property market, so perhaps you could be inspired to follow the same steps as the Middle Eastern real estate field. 

Written by Gemma Smith

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