Latin America startups are a new era for the continent

Investing in Latin America startups seems to be a popular trend at the moment as they often use creative solutions to address global and local issues. Investors are very attracted to the idea as it offers a new opportunity and fresh prospects.

Early-stage Latin America startups could appear challenging to some investors as a lot of work may need to be done, however, the entire thing is still compelling and a modern-day movement.

With the popularity of startups in the South American countries come a heightening of popularity among the housing market too. It is an emerging market that is promoting entrepreneurship, mentoring and coaching in all areas, developing their economy and worldwide view.

Business owners and investors more generally are a lot happier to invest in startup opportunities, showing more interest than ever before in the field. The reputation of South America is changing as people are seemingly becoming more professional, very well educated and reputable all-around. This is making the country more attractive to visit, thus attracting tourists from all over the world and improving the real estate market for the whole continent. The rental market strengthens with more visitors coming in, as the demand grows. It is certainly looking good for the South American housing market.

As startup ecosystems in Latin America evolve, the flow of developments seems to work a lot better. Significant improvements have been made which is encouraging more investment in the region. According to the Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), five-year investment trends in Latin America showed that investors had closed deals worth $2.3 billion.

Latin America startups have even been giving back to their communities and participate in being an investor themselves (growing the economic state even more). Technology teams are on a surplus too, which is affecting the contemporary face of business endeavours in a positive way. Technological advancements meet the expectations and demands of tourists, who enjoy social media and the ‘modern-day tech world realm’ where most things can be coordinated, booked and organised online. It offers much more convenience and saves a lot of time, so all around, it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Companies are travelling to South America to headhunt profound entrepreneurs, as an abundance has been born there. Connecting and networking are key and this is now a common thing on Latin American grounds. This sort of mindset is attracting global investors and partners to the housing market scene, who are taking a bigger interest in the real estate market and what it has to offer.

It does seem like the right time to be involved in Latin America startups so if there is any intention, now is the time to follow that through.

Written by Gemma Smith

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