South American property markets: it is looking good

What is there not to love about South America and the South American property markets? If you are one of those people who are keen to invest in their real estate market then you may be heading in the right direction…

From Andean Peaks to the Amazonian rainforest to the Patagonian glaciers to the colonial towns, there is so much to be mesmerised by. And if that’s not enough then why not check out the  Incan ruins, the blissful, white, sandy beaches or the vertiginous nightlife – there are so many wonders of South America, you are set for an incredible adventure ahead by visiting.

For many travellers, travelling to South America has been known to become a lifetime addiction. A lot of people like to hike the Andean trails and visit the pre-Colombian sites, there are so much history and cultural diversity to get involved in, it’ll be impossible to get bored.

The South American property markets are red hot at the moment. More and more buyers and investors are falling for the incredible wonders of this continent; there are a lot of human-made treasures too: indigenous, captivating markets and picturesque colonial towns, their landscapes and cityscapes are vibrant and full of life. With so much going on in South America this is attracting people to invest in South America, people are growing keen towards buying a second home there so that they can jet off and enjoy a new world full of natural beauty and insightful heritage. And why not when there is so much to discover?

So, property in Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina are proving to be the most valuable in emerging property markets around the world at the moment. Property investors see these places as being the best and strongest to invest in, Brazil is at the top of the list. They offer several benefits to investors, with a wide horizon of developments happening acting as a prime market target for overseas investors. Land prices have also gone up so there is a real picture of an increase in the value of the property for buyers and investors.

Another winning factor for these South American property markets is the yield from rentals. The growth in this sector is considerable in many of these countries, especially near coastal towns where Europeans and North Americas are jetting off to relax. Brazil is ahead in the tourism market as people from all over the world flood into embracing their Carnival celebrations, that are absolutely magical and a must-do experience in a lifetime.

Adding to that, the GDP growth in the countries is doing great too. Other Southern American property markets, in countries such as Peru, have increasingly strong economies too and are growing and gaining steady momentum. A fiscal surplus of 2.6 per cent of GDP adds to that benefit.

In all, South American property markets are on the up. They should be excited about their future, with tourism flourishing and their real estate industry booming, they have nothing to worry about.

Written by Gemma Smith

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