2017 – Argentina and Brazil are set for high rates of growth

High rates of growth are on the horizon on a global scale this year, forecasters show.

There have been several recoveries in Latin America’s economies, the U.S. has significantly improved and China and India are on the up also. All in all, we are set for a good year, and from an investor’s perspective, things could never have been better.

It is said that 62 economies around the world can expect dramatic improvements, while 33 economies may see a drop in their property success. At the top of the tree is Argentina and Brazil – they are both set to move from contraction to expansion. This is the same as with energy exporters – Nigeria and Russia – thanks to a rebound in the cost of oil, which has come after a 13-year drop in January 2016.

One of the best and most shocking revelations has arisen: Venezuela has come in first place for the biggest economic improvement. They have increased by 7.5% from 2016-2017. They have been going through a serious economic crisis and continue to do so; they have high inflation and shortages of food and basic necessities

Find a property in Brazil as growth has picked up steadily and has been recovering. They have endured their worst recession of a century, but they too are experiencing signs of improvement. The country is going through a price increase in their commodities since their President, Michel Temer, is determined to pick up the country’s finances and boost private-sector movement.

In Argentina, the situation is reasonably similar. Their growth is set to quicken by over 5% in points this year but could likely offset due to heightening inflation.

However, in other countries, the circumstances may be far from exciting. In Iceland for example, their growth rate is set to plummet by 4% this year, from 7.1% last year, along with Romania, Spain and Mexico.

Respectively, the U.S. can look forward to stable development this year to 2.3% and China and India will remain strong economic examples to the world, radiating a growth of 6.5% or more – each – even if this is a slower increase compared to 2016, this figure is still reasonably impressive.

In all, property news based on South America shows that they are set for high rates of growth. The economy is looking strong and worthy of investment, and so tourism may be booming across the months of this year also. Alongside high rates of growth and a positive future, the continent has a lot to offer: from cultural diversity to beautiful landscapes. Get yourself to South America!

Written by Gemma Smith

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