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Travel Southeast Asia in the low season this year, but why?

Don’t be put off by the words “wet season” – it may appear that it is the best idea to travel Southeast Asia in the low season…and here we will tell you why.

Many people may feel fearful of travelling there in the low season but actually, they may be mistaken, there are LOTS of benefits. Despite wet season translating to low season, savvy, profound travellers understand the benefits of travelling during this period (between June and September).

But what are they?

  1. It’s a lot less crowded

There’s a reason why tens of millions of people flood into Southeast Asia annually – because it’s an awesome place to be. However, there will always be tourists at the ‘must do’ attractions, such as visiting the beautiful temples all across the continent. One of the biggest reasons why it’s better to travel there during off-peak season is that you will have more time and space to comfortably explore. Low season travel helps you avoid some of the chaos faced when travelling through the hustle and bustle of incredible cities. There are also some fantastic opportunities to experience cultural events first hand – so expect to embrace colourful celebrations and bag up those memorable moments. Travel Southeast Asia at ease.

  1. It’s a lot cheaper

As crowds fizz out, the locals start selling stuff for cheaper to excess travellers to keep them earning money. This will mean better rates and deal across the board, so if you’re travelling on a budget, you’re in for a treat. While the best wins are with Tour Operators and Airlines, you will also enjoy cheaper accommodation and cheaper food.

  1. Smaller groups on tour

If you’re travelling to Southeast Asia during the low-season then you can make the most of the flexible packages and more of an intimate experience during exciting side excursions. You will get more one-on-one time with the tour leader and it will, all-round, be much more personalised. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  1. The weather is not all rain

It will rain, of course, but it is not all rain. It doesn’t rain the whole time and people can still catch a tan. At the height of the low-season – during June through to September – you can expect clouds slipping through on the majority of days. It quite often becomes cloudy in the afternoon but it never takes a long time for the clouds to vanish. As the weather is quite predictable, you can plan your days out well and miss the cloudy patches. The extra rainfall will turn the yellow landscapes to beautiful verdant green, too!

So enjoy and travel Southeast Asia with a smile on your face. With so many enticing reasons to travel there during the low-season you may want to get booking sooner than later!

Written by Gemma Smith

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