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Asia real estate market: the next biggest markets?

The Asia real estate market is on the up: according to professionals in the industry, Asia-Pacific will be home to a big part of the world’s most popular and exciting markets.

Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul are valuable investment spots this year, for people looking to put their money into strengthening markets that almost guarantee profitable returns.

There may be limited properties available across the market, but investors and buyers need to search the Asia real estate market well, the market that is closely linked to the Pacific, to find the best possible deals available.

Against a backdrop of an abundance of capital and down-hill property prices, the Asia real estate market is witnessing a changing strategy. A lot more buyers and sellers are changing the way they are investing in the property market and thinking of alternative options in the ways they go about their business.

Maintained by the economic drive and strong working markets, Australia appeared as the region’s best-performing markets there is. Sydney has been reserved for AUD 11.3 billion in transport infrastructure investments in hope of a North Shore population explosion, but despite this, investors have been monitoring the Brisbane property market.

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, offers 4-4.5% in yields, which is a very attractive percentage for overseas investors. The Asia-Pacific region seems to be a very attractive place to invest in, with a lot of opportunity for investment.

A lot of information technology companies are relocating themselves, to places that are more central for the visitors. Taking onboard technology and its advancements means that a company can grow in time with modernisation, it can absorb the current trend and keep up to date with changes in the market. Integrating ICT in with real estate endeavours allows a company to enrich themselves to the next level within the online realm.

The Asian countries are evolving into multicultural hubs full of real estate opportunities. Investors from all over the world need to keep up with continuous shifts of inhabitants. Do questions need to be asked, like, where do people want to visit? What is the most popular Asian country for travel this year? Which country offers the most opportunity?

Real estate investment volume in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach $611 billion this year, depending on differentiating circumstances and investment moves in the industry. All we can hope for is a positive momentum to strive through the housing Asia real estate market.

Written by Gemma Smith

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