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Positive outlook for the American housing market in the future

The American housing market looks strong due to underlying housing demands. The national LIHHM is presently at 104.9, slightly down from the previous quarter reading of 105.0.

National house price appreciation continues to go up above the average rate, which is having a negative effect on housing affordability – especially for those first-time buyers who are keen to get on the property ladder.

On the optimistic side, household growth picked up suddenly with the most recent figures moving above the long-term average. When combined with secure job gains, the household formation data highlight a positive outlook for housing demand.

Looking at it from a regional perspective, the LIHHM performance rankings continue to specify that the majority of metro areas across the country are looking good, but that is just for now. However, similar affordability issues are darkening the outlook for a few areas. It appears that extremely tight housing supply conditions in some local markets are likely to limit near-term home sales. As well as that, it seems that there is a cause of unsustainable house price appreciation, which is likely to be connecting with housing supply conditions.

On the other hand, the American housing market is still very appealing to a lot of buyers and investors. The ‘great’ American experience is about many things, from snow-covered peaks to glistening beaches to epic and loud cities, it is a place where dreams are fulfilled and somewhere tourists cannot get enough of.

If you are thinking about investing in the American housing market then you can expect vast blue, open skies and miles of highways leading to red-rock deserts, it really is a fascinating place. The sun-bleached hillsides are blissful, so perhaps you may want to try investing in a house overlooking spectacular scenery…rent or buy…it is entirely up to you!

The American cultural heritage is sure addictive, which is why so many people like to visit America to soak it all up. The American housing market is going from strength to strength and this seems to be the outlook for the rest of this year.

So when it comes to travel, explore and visit far and wide. There is so many great places to see in America, you will be spoilt for choice. There are a staggering range of possibilities alongside an abundance of natural beauty – rainforests, deserts, canyons, glaciers, beaches and mountains.

There are booming cities to explore, exciting music scenes (depending on your taste) and all of the other small things that make travel so rewarding – friendly locals, delicious restaurants, farmers markets and lots of other surprises).

Hit the open road or jump on a plane tomorrow to see America for yourself, and while doing so, check out the American housing market!

Written by Gemma Smith

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