Smart Technology That Is Revolutionising Homes In Spain

Almost half of UK households use smart technology, while only one in ten Spanish homes are currently ‘smart’. However, with the majority of Spain’s tourists coming from Britain, properties (in popular tourist areas at least) will soon be expected to incorporate smart technology. When you are considering purchasing a home in Spain, there is certain smart technology to look for that will make your home even more stylish, while also making your day-to-day life at home all the more relaxing.

Go smart with your home entertainment system

Smart technology can be used anywhere, but many people are particularly drawn to the possibilities it bring with home entertainment. Thanks to the advances in smart technology, it is becoming increasingly feasible to recreate the cinema experience within your home. What is more, this can be done with discretion. The Transparent TV, for example, shows high-definition images and top quality sound when switched on, but blends into the background as a see-through screen when not in use. Meanwhile, LG’s roll-up television screen takes discretion one step further: it allows you to wind the screen down when you do not want it to be visible in the room. You can also use it for computing and displaying photos. The advantage of both these types of screens is that they give you the flexibility to use the room for different types of entertainment, whether it be sitting down and watching a movie with friends or catching up face-to-face.

The appeal of the smart oven

UK homeowners prioritise the kitchen, with the majority spending at least £10,000 on a new kitchen. The emergence of technology like the smart oven will no doubt appeal to prospective property owners in Spain. The smart oven is able to recognise foods placed in the oven and makes recommendations on how to cook them. Smart ovens can link up with your smartphone, enabling you to control the cooking away from your home if need be. As a result, your cooking experience is made easier and far less stressful.

Be smart with your lighting

Smart technology has opened up a whole new world of lighting in your home. For instance, you no longer have to have the same, single colour of lighting each day. Smart lighting enables you to choose a different colour to reflect how you’re feeling or the atmosphere you want to create. You can also control the lighting to accompany music. What is more, smart lighting is environmentally focused, with many lighting companies now using energy efficient LED lights.

Smart homes in Spain: Creating more style and relaxation

For some people, the use of smart technology in the home may feel like an unwelcome intrusion. Can technology and relaxation at home really go hand in hand? In many ways, yes they can. Televisions can now be so discreet that you can literally forget they are in the room, while smart technology in the kitchen can help take the stress out of preparing meals. Lighting, meanwhile, can now be adapted to suit your mood, enabling you to unwind with some soft, calming colours if you want to. As a result, smart technology can take the stress out of home living, while adding plenty of style in the process.

Written by Jacqueline Sutton

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