Spanish property owners income tax

Spanish property owners have to pay income tax on a benefit in kind, with the exception of main home. By definition, a property owned by a non-resident cannot be the main home, so all and every non-resident owner of a Spanish property has to pay this imputed income tax on a yearly basis.

The tax authorities do not send a tax assessment as it is the owner’s duty to file a self-assessment tax return in due time.

Due to the lack of knowledge, language barrier and fear of failure, most of the owners use the service of professionals but also non-professionals to help them with this tax duty, and only a few adventurous take the chance of doing it themselves through the official website of the tax authorities. 

Spanish legislation is complex and extensive in general, being in particular the tax regulations complicate and variable, depending also on the different particularities of the regional legislations applicable in each of the 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities that form Spain.

SIMPLETAX is a unique software product that revolutionizes the way foreigners and the Spanish tax office relate to one another. Owners can file and pay this imputed income tax easily, on their own, from a mobile or the PC, following a simplified-to-its-maximum sequence in a secured environment. And for subsequent years it is even easier as data has to be introduced only once, so it will take just a couple of clicks in case nothing has changed. The information is stored so owners have a copy of all the taxes paid with the app on the phone, to share, print, etc. This system can save the owners some money while insuring compliance with the authorities.

SIMPLETAX SPAIN, S.L. is a Firm licensed by the Spanish Tax Authorities to file tax returns electronically on behalf of Tax payers.


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