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Wimbledon properties – could have been a great earner

A tennis let would make a great earner for investors in the London region – with Wimbledon properties hot on the market during peak time.

Wimbledon Championships are prime for short-term rentals, as international visitors are present, looking for the closest rental property to Wimbledon.

It’s a big shame that a lot of people in London were not more mindful of the huge, worldwide sporting event in relation to utilising their lovely London home. People could have made thousands during the tennis, but it’s important to be quick off the mark when property demand is pivotal in the limelight.

It was a great opportunity for landlords, property investors and just general London citizens to make some serious money, some rental money from their homes. For a lot of other people, however, they time their holidays well to coincide with the tennis championship. They purposely book their holidays during the Wimbledon period, to free up their London home and rent it out earning serious amounts from it.

Many families have let their houses to media types, corporate sponsors and spectators. For others, they have let out their homes during the tournament period and made enough to cover the entire cost of a decent holiday abroad.

There are a lot of costs involved in letting a house for Wimbledon. It is recommended to use an agency despite there being a lot of costs entailed, as they take their commission for cleaning costs and admin fees. But it still does work out as a nice earner for those who have a property within 20-minutes from the All-England club or any other big sports venue.

If you are in a very good position, on a property level, then it may be time to start thinking of letting out your property during times when big world sporting events are on. It would be silly not to! Wimbledon properties, in particular, would have made so much money during the tournament, and now that it’s over, the property owners are in a great position. And better yet, it then gives the person or the family something to look forward to in the year ahead. So, we are hoping that this can inspire all property owners and investors to think and plan ahead. Book the holidays in advance and make sure that you’re monetizing your fantastic property investment.

Written by Gemma Smith

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