Travel Indonesia – a beautiful volcanic nation

If there is something you ought to do in your lifetime, it would be to travel Indonesia.

This luscious place is a South-east Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands, more than 17,000 of which 8000 of them are inhabited, and is the homeland for hundreds of different ethnic groups. More than 300 languages from all over the world are spoken across the islands and in all, Indonesia is widely popular for their stunning, picturesque beaches, volcanoes, ‘Komodo dragons’ and jungles.

A beautiful little spot that needs to be uncovered is the island of Java, where Indonesia’s vibrant capital Jakarta lies, and the city of Yogyakarta is there where gamelan music and puppetry is famous. There is an abundance to see and do, for sure, with adventure being a big part of every exertion.

Travel Indonesia and see it all for yourself: just by venturing across Indonesia’s islands you’ll discover a series of dramatic landscapes and diversity among all. The coastlines embrace and show off white, glistening, sandy beaches and sparkling, clear-blue waters, together making Indonesian islands a definition of paradise.

Sumatra is contoured by almost 100 volcanoes, which although may look pretty and incredibly natural, they are capable of erupting at any point. It is magical when you notice lava flowing down the side of a volcano and a mysterious crowd of smoke rising from the top, but you still need to be aware of these things happening. However, who cannot fall in love with such natural beauty and fill up with admiration for the local communities who live among it?

As intriguing and beautiful as Indonesia is, the land offers some of the best adventures on earth. From ferry rides in the great open waters to exploring the ancient West Timor village to trekking through the wild wilderness, there is something for all. There is an infinite treasure to be exposed here, and this is only possible when you travel Indonesia.

You can fully immerse yourself in the rich diversity of Indonesia. Travelling to such far-away places can be nerve-wracking of course, but it allows an individual to really learn about themselves, be adventurous and experience the sense of freedom which can be hard to feel and obtain when chasing a job back in the city of London (for example).

Life can rush and pass us by, sometimes too quickly, so it’s important to live your dreams and travel to your heart’s content. Inspire yourself and inspire others, let go, have fun and travel to Indonesia this year (or next, if you need more planning and preparation time!).

Written by Gemma Smith

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