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Thailand property news: big potential for senior housing market 

Thailand is increasingly becoming an ageing society, so Thailand property news is very important for the locals and for investors who are looking to invest in Thai real estate.

More and more senior housing projects by both government bodies and private developers are rising across the country.

An increasing amount of senior housing projects by both government bodies and private developers are rising across the country, which is dominantly aimed towards accommodating the ageing, Thai population, as well as luxury senior housing developments in resort destinations. This sector is certainly growing excessively, to cater mainly international and rich Thai people.

Despite the current senior housing market being small it has big potential, so this particular Thailand property news may stand out to a lot of investors and buyers in real estate.

It has become an idea home location for senior people from developed economies for the following reasons: the weather is (in general) lovely, there is a peaceful and transquil living environment on offer, there are competitive cost of living rates and high-quality yet affordable nursing care. 

Domestic demand for prestige senior housing in Thailand has been limited, however, putting aged parents in senior homes is not that popular among those who look after the ageing population well. A lot of Thai families also feel embarrassed by the idea of not looking after their parents themselves, so tend to find other means of doing so (like hiring private health professionals to come to their home).

The luxury senior housing estate market is focusing heavily on quality at the moment – the quality of service delivered – for assisted living, modern Thai families, who will eventually become more at ease with the idea of sending their aged members to senior homes.

As it stands, there are a lot of residential developments across Thailand that claim to be luxury senior housing estates. These housing estates provide an ultimate living experience, which is what all family members need to be aware of.

A lot of Thai developers have realised the potential growth in demand from foreigners and Thais for luxury retirement homes in Thailand, so this is a big housing market to get into. What is important to recognise is that a bundle of relevant skills is needed, for example, the know-how to develop, operate, manage and market senior housing estate…which is why professional expertise in the industry is a great help.

It is believed across professionals in forecasting Thai real estate and in updating Thailand property news, there is a lot of room for the luxury senior housing market to grow and there is good potential for local developers to form joint ventures with international specialists in this market.

With an ever increasing aged population globally, Thailand could offer excellent development and housing opportunities for both the retirees and those companies involved in that business.

Written by Gemma Smith

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