Buy in the German capital of Berlin: how tech helps to push it

Beautiful Berlin – This German capital is a gem and has become a “city on the move”.

It’s the capital of Europe’s biggest economy with many successful tech and media companies attracting international staff. It has a cultural and liberal energy throughout the German capital, making it a very blossoming place indeed.

Berlin has become an exciting place to live, which is no wonder why so many people are desperate to live there. It offers the dual pleasures of an attractive, booming, business aura and affordable cost of living, so finding a job and living comfortably is not an issue here. This alone acts as a fantastic opportunity for investors to invest in the German property market.

Approximately 60,000 new arrivals move in every year with up to three-quarters of them aged under 30, which is a great sign for the German housing market and for the economy more broadly. There is an expanding population which is steering property prices to go up, by an annual increase of roughly 12%.

There are different places all over Berlin and all have their own identity as a different city, there is something for everyone there. Whether you’re an eager tourist looking to explore the heart of Germany or you’re a property investor monitoring the housing market in Germany, it has it all.

Tech companies are helping to drive the success of the housing market in Berlin too, with the likes of estate agents promoting the properties on their property portals using multimedia and innovative techniques. Technology has become an integrated part of real estate promotion and it is working wonders in our modern, contemporary media world.

Cranes can be spotted all through the city with new residential developments going up, as more and more buyers and investors set their heart on new, valuable housing projects. With such a big number of newcomers rushing in every year, it’s as though investors are guaranteed returns on their money. It is a fantastic time to invest.

Good transport links also enable the success of Germany’s real estate industry, especially in Berlin. In Berlin, there are good train links that connect the entire capital all within 15 minutes and the business district is nearby (another attraction for investors and buyers). People are flooding in from all over the world to see what the fuss is about and then it is evident upon arrival.

Alongside all of that, international developers are spotting the potential in Berlin. Some companies are beginning construction on interesting sites, getting ready for a successful future and planning ahead with the growth forecast in mind.

Don’t hold back and see for yourself, be a part of the success story within this German capital and use technology to help drive the momentum and to bring about positive changes in your real estate company/endeavours.

Written by Gemma Smith

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