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Rent the fresh prince of Bel-Air Mansion

For 30$ you can rent the mansion on Airbnb

September 2020 has brought such delightful news for Will Smith fans and those who grew up watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Airbnb has made waves with an exciting new addition to its high-profile array of listings in Brentwood. 

Who would have thought that the iconic and opulent mansion from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air could one day be available for rent? And that too, for $30 a night! We can’t stop obsessing over how economical the price is. Very reasonable, and it allows every fan to enjoy the opportunity to spend a night or two in the legendary mansion. 

How did this happen? 

will smith

You must be wondering, how did the luxurious mansion from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith’s most iconic role, end up on the rental market? Well, we all have Will Smith to thank for that, because he collaborated with the property owner to get the mansion listed on Airbnb. 

Smith has made a very thoughtful gesture for his fans, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy an equal opportunity to experience the luxury first-hand, he has allocated a very reasonable rental rate. 

The actual owner of the property, born and bred in West Philadelphia, is a gracious and quite possibly the most famous host on Airbnb. Contrary to what most people believe, the mansion is not located in Bel-Air, but rather it is situated in Brentwood. So, if you’re passing through the area, you can enjoy a taste of glamour and luxury for $30 a night! 

The Freshest Los Angeles Mansion Around 

The listing landed on Airbnb with the title, “The Freshest Los Angeles Mansion Around,” and we couldn’t agree more. Just imagine living in a grand mansion with every luxury imaginable. You can experience Will Smith’s life as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and even explore his actual wardrobe from the show. What more could a die-hard fan possibly ask for? 

fresh prince

The mansion is available for five one-night stays, starting early October. According to the listing, guests will have unrestricted access to the entire master wing and all its luxurious amenities that were inspired by the show. 

Guests can eat elaborate meals in the dining room that also features a throne or lounge around in the scenic outdoor area with a swimming pool. The master bedroom is a glorious adventure into nostalgia and opulence. The wardrobe is lined with many of Will Smith’s outfits from the show so that you can dress up as an “all-star athlete” or an “argyle prepster” should the mood strike! 

The listing does not offer kitchen access, but the staff will serve your meals. As Smith wrote in his post, “all meals will be provided and served on silver platters, of course.” What’s more, all guests will get a virtual welcome from DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a concierge will also be present, fully adhere to the social distancing protocols. 

We cannot wait for the listing to become active so we can relive the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ourselves! 

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