Successfully renovating your Spanish property

Are you thinking about renovating your Spanish property? We may have the steps you need to follow in order to do it successfully.

Step 1: Visualise the potential

Think about how much potential your property has and don’t underestimate it. The property that you own and live in or even rent out has may taken you a long time to complete the buying process so don’t give up on it. Look for ways to improve it and visualise it. Vision boards are useful tools to help you visualise your perfect Spanish property.

Step 2: Finding and keeping tradesmen 

Look at sourcing new people for your project. Make sure that you have hardworking people working on your project that all carry the same intention as you do. Share your vision that you have and ensure that they are working towards achieving your goals. Having a least one member of the team speaking the same language as yourself will be a huge help.

Step 3: Finding furniture 

Visit local stores and reach out to other areas to find the perfect furniture. New furniture is key when renovating a property. You could even look online at forums and social media to find second-hand furniture if you would prefer to do that. Think furniture. Think renovation.

Step 4: Choosing a colour theme

Choose a vibrant colour that will spruce up the property. Alternatively, you may opt for a more subtle colour…this is totally your choice. Make a decision that suits you and stick to the colour theme throughout the property. It will make a big difference when renovating your Spanish property.

Step 5: Create more space and light

Create extra space for your new furniture and to make your property open and inviting. Space is good for the mind and good to live in. Natural light is one of the most appealing things about any property so make sure to maximise it wherever possible. If you have a lot of clutter it can often clutter the mind, so think detox and renovate your property the way you want to.

Step 6: Update bathrooms and kitchens

Keep your bathroom and kitchen up to date. They’re often considered as the most important rooms in the house so make these a priority.

Renovating your Spanish property can be done in no time. Use these simple steps to keep your self on track and get the job completed on time and budget.


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