Foreigners welcomed back to Spain

Spain is the world’s second-most visited nation. Its beautiful beaches, luxurious castles, and magnificent touristic sites make it a must-visit nation, amongst others in the world. Statistics prove that Spain draws approximately 80 million people annually. Tourism amounts to more than 12% of Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

Owing to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spain closed its doors and beaches in March to contain the deadly coronavirus. Later, on May 15, the government of Spain imposed a two-week quarantine on overseas visitors. This quarantine measure didn’t appeal to neighbouring European countries. Hence, it almost immediately ignited a reciprocal quarantine rule for anyone traveling from Spain.  Fortunately, some tourism chiefs intervened and warned that such a measure would further discourage tourists from planning a visit in the long-run. 

Have you been holding onto the hope of having a summer holiday in Spain this year? Are you among those hoping they could travel from abroad to their Spanish holiday homes? If yes, there is good news for you!

The Spanish government has announced that beginning the 1st of July 2020, foreign tourists would be allowed to enter the country. Spain’s Exterior Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya also confirmed via social media that self-isolation for visitors from abroad would no longer apply then. On this same date, the foreign holiday industry is expected to be reactivated. This of course will only take place with the necessary health and safety conditions in place as stated by Gonzalez Laya. 

By lifting the imposed restrictions, the Spanish government hopes to make up for the earlier communication failure with neighbouring European countries. They also desire to be in a stronger position to attract foreigners during these fast-approaching summer months. In his speech at a recent press conference, Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez affirmed that the country would be ready for domestic tourism and to welcome visitors this summer. He also identified these measures to be the advanced steps of the country’s reopening plan.

Therefore, international tourism cannot be ruled out this summer season for Spain. But, will it take place as normal as was the case in the previous years? This isn’t probable. President Sanchez made it very clear in his speech at the press conference, that health and safety measures will be reinforced. These measures would include respecting the two-meter safety distance, disinfecting, and thorough cleaning of all areas. This will no doubt affect beaches, bars, restaurants, hotels, and a host of others.  

Thus, we can say with certainty that all hopes as regards having a summer holiday in Spain this year aren’t lost.

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