Drone photography is taking the real estate market to a whole other level

Revolutionary technology is taking the real estate business to new heights as drone photography is being increasingly used.

Top realtors understand the importance of presenting properties in the best light possible, to attract the most amount of potential buyers. The bigger the house or apartment, for example, the more thought and marketing needs to go into it.

The buyer of today will do extensive research about the property and the realtor before even getting in touch with one. So many agencies around the world now are relying on professional photography, like ‘glamour shots’, to draw in buyers’ interest.

It is essential when promoting a property that all angles and attributes are shown off. Not only is the interior very important to advertise in pictures but also the external areas too like the landscapes and exclusive outdoors features. Promoting a side of the culture is a unique selling point too, as people generally like to learn about the communities of an area. A lot of agencies even hire helicopters to get fantastic aerial shots.

Technology has provided a realm of opportunities for the real estate market. Drone photography is such a useful way to capture the sheer beauty of a property in Hi-Def. You can create impressive virtual experiences too that gives potential buyers the chance to tour the property without even being there. The advancements are immense and it is making the real estate market much more enjoyable to be a part of.

As established, drone photography is being utilised more. Many hobbyists in the U.S. already fly drones but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs the use of drones for commercial purposes. The rules are quite tight so it is important to stay up to date on the policies behind drone photography.

To obtain a remote pilot certification with a small Unmanned Aircraft System rating from the FAA the rules are as follows:

  • Be at least 16 years old;
  • Be able to read, write and understand the English language
  • Be in a physical and mental condition that allows for the safe operation of the sUAS
  • Take and pass an initial aeronautical knowledge test.

More information regarding the application process is available on the FAA’s website.

After taking the test and getting the cert, there are heaps of operational rules that one must learn and witness. Drone photography must only be taking in the daytime as there are insurance policies and state and local privacy legislations. There are also limits on height and radius as well as speed.

The drone must be registered and a preflight plan must be created and learn how to accurately and effectively fly the drone so that you can get the most out of drone photography.

If obtaining a drone sounds too difficult for you then don’t worry. For people who want amazing drone photography without actually becoming a qualified drone pilot then you can find companies that are already licensed and able to provide the best drone photography for you. The go-to resource is the International Drone Expo.

Innovative and world-breaking technology is definitely changing the face of the real estate market. It is transforming and renovating the way realtors can market their properties in a profound and professional way. With only a small investment you can market your properties in the best way possible and make the most of drone photography and all of the great benefits that come with it.

Written by Gemma Smith

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