October 18, 2019

Buy a property through technology

buy a property

Experts in the technological field say that to buy a property nowadays has become a facilitated process. Landlords need to become aware and driven by technological changes, to encourage others to buy a property in this tech savvy way. Landlords need to be mindful of the requirements of modern-day businesses, for example, the uses of drones in construction to learning about virtual reality. Reaping these benefits can really boost the sales when others look to buy a property. Virtual reality can help someone to view and buy a property from the other side of the world. Proptech experts say, that “the property sector is one of a plethora of industries disrupted by tech”. They are the new “buzzword to describe technology specifically designed to improve processes in the property industry”.

Discussing the future of technology, spokespeople at Proptech focused on the value that a tech-ready building brings to tenants. They said that the north west of the UK is at their forefront at the minute, as they try to make it an even more attractive business destination. Chairman of Tech North, Herb Kim, discussed at a breakfast meeting how the north is a thriving digital system with lots of potential. The Chairman highlighted how Internet connectivity is key but the city needs to shift towards a “ready-to-go system”, where buildings are pre-wired and connected to the up-to-date speeds. This will mean that they can keep up and maintain a standard in relation to current and future connectivity needs.

Doug Ward, who helped to co-found Telcom Networks, believes that connectivity will be a crucial element for the UK for future developments, and for the North in particular. To lead in a digital future with worldwide competitors, as a country we need to be prepared. These tech companies have this as a real estate need, as a priority, to make the UK a tech destination and a primary International leader. To buy a property means that having accessibility in multiple ways should be linked to the modern-day reliance of tech. It has become an absolute necessity for businesses to keep up.

Property companies where innovation with technology is key to push more people to buy a property are as follows:

  • Airbnb – a giant online marketplace that allows people to list, find and rent homes for holiday and short-term rentals, all over the world.
  • Nest – a big player in leading home automation products such as Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security systems and smoke detectors.
  • Zoopla – a key property portal and online agent and support the PropTech sctor.
  • Movebubble – a property rental app that helps renters to find a property in an easy and user-friendly way, in London.
  • Plentific – An online realm that helps others to find a tradesmen or home service professional. From an electrician to boiler engineers, they are all at your fingertips.
  • LendInvest – another only property portal available for property investing and lending.

So to conclude, one can online recognise the importance of entrepreneurial innovation in the technology property world. The property industry is on the up, in countries all over the world, but in the UK we want to continue the encouragement toward people to buy a property, and making this process easier through tech advancements is a wise move to achieve this.

Written by Gemma Smith

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