Andalucia Has Agreed to extend requirement for the covid Passport

To Include Hospitality And Nightlife Establishments

Andalusia, the large autonomous community of Spain, has finally allowed the extension of COVID passports as mandatory for the citizens. The committee of experts and government officials gathered together on December 9, 2021, and decided that the requirement of a COVID certificate will continue to be a mandatory practice for the citizens as the situation is alarming.

COVID passport, also known as COVID certificate, is the certificate of immunization or vaccination provided by the government when an individual is fully vaccinated with all doses of vaccination completed.

When COVID started spreading and the situation went out of control, all the countries, including Spain and Andalusia, agreed and promoted vaccination to protect them from further harm. People themselves took the initiative, and the situation was under control somehow.

However, as things started settling down, people became used to it and started taking things for granted. Due to the community’s negligence and the government itself, a rapid increase in cases was spotted.

Therefore, after discussing the issue with the Ministry of Health, the High Court of Justice of Andalusia approved the request that a COVID certificate be a must if you are to attend any event or access malls, bars, restaurants, or any public place in Andalucia. You can get a lawyer in Spain to get to know more!

COVID passport

You can also take a COVID recovery certificate or a negative PCR test taken within the last 72 hours if you don’t have a COVID passport. An antigen test taken within the last 48 hours is also okay. It can be considered in place of a COVID certificate.

Although Andalucia is very secure from COVID cases and the ratio of affected people is relatively low, the recent trends among people are showing quite upsetting results. Especially during this time of Christmas holidays, crowds should be avoided.

All other SOP’S including the use of masks, use of sanitizers, social distancing, and so on, will also be observed in the same way. The Minister of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre, said in a meeting that indicators suggest that Andalucia may be at risk of overflowing cases; hence it is necessary to take some suitable steps beforehand.

If you’re a foreigner residing in Andalucia or a tourist, you may consult any lawyer in Spain to discuss your issues regarding the COVID certification. The news about the extension is confirmed and will be enforced all over Andalucia until January 15. Get to know more!

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