Top winter sun destinations for Europeans with open borders

The New Year holidays are almost here and traditionally this is the time we would be looking for a little winter sun escape to somewhere warmer. 

Unfortunately for most of us, the parties and festivities will have to be toned down this year, as we are still coping with the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has brought. Some may not be able to travel at all, but can still daydream, but for some lucky few other options are waiting. 

Certain destinations around the world are lifting restrictions in an effort to boost their battered tourism sectors and resuming commercial flights for visitors looking for a little holiday escape. 

Want to know where you can go to escape the cold, snow and rain for something a bit hotter? Here are a few destinations that are either open or slowly opening up to travellers from Europe – and not only! 

The information on this article can change at any moment. Countries may close borders or alter quarantine rules with no warning. Be prepared and check with your travel agent and official government websites of your chosen destination regarding testing and travel restrictions. 


winter sun destinations

With average weather temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius and picture-perfect golden sand beaches, Aruba is an ideal destination to escape too during the winter. 

What you’ll have to do?  Fill out an online travel health questionnaire 72 hours prior to travel and provide a negative Covid-19 test. The specimen needs to have been provided no more than 72 hours before departure. You will also need to purchase specific Covid-19 health insurance. 

Antigua and Barbuda 

winter sun destinations

One of the first destinations to reopen to travellers back in June, Antigua and Barbuda combines history, food, stunning coastlines and is a true paradise on earth. 

What you’ll have to do? Provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test issued in the last 7 days before arrival. There is also a health form to be filled out and you will have to agree to monitoring for symptoms. Travellers need to book a hotel from the government-approved list. 

A lot of countries in the Caribbean have kept their borders open or are slowly reopening them now. From the more than two dozen island countries, 4 are currently closed (British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Trinidad and Tobago) to international visitors or require mandatory self-isolation despite test results. 

Other places open in the Caribbean are St Lucia, The Bahamas, Bermuda and St Kitts and Nevis.  


winter sun destinations

Turkey has kept its borders open to a range of travellers, including most notably to US nationals. While a less tropical destination, Turkey is still blessed with winter sun, amazing food and historical attractions that will be way more enjoyable without the large crowds. 

What you’ll have to do: Visitors arriving in the country will need to fill out a form and agree to screening for Covid-19 symptoms. Anyone who displays symptoms will be given a Covid-19 test and need to remain in Turkey for quarantine.

The Maldives 


Maldives: One of the few Asian countries with no mandatory quarantine upon arrival, the Maldives are ready to welcome visitors once again after a devastating blow to their tourism sector during the past year. A tropical paradise, and ultimate beach destination that you will never want to leave. 

What you’ll have to do: Visitors will need to present a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival and will be screened for symptoms. A health declaration form will also need to be filled. 

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