Travelling is addictive: 5 signs that you are addicted to travel

“Travel the world” and “the world is your oyster” are two phrases that you may often hear from people who have travelled the world, wide and far. And why is that? Because travelling is additive and the craze to spread our wings is only growing more popular.

So what are the things to look out for, in yourself or in others, that show a travelling addiction?

  1. Hardly being at home and already planning another trip – not being able to settle can be a big problem, but on the other side of the coin, it can be highly exciting and enthusing! It’s a part of our life that gives heaps of energy, positive energy. The idea of facing the world with an unknown mindset is very addictive and it is making us more and more inclined to book another trip the minute we get back from one (#thetravelbug). Memories float in our heads and make us dream of even more countries to visit. Just talking about travel gets our heart racing for more!
  2.  Searching for travel blogs and travel pieces everywhere you go – when someone is addicted to travel, they have it on their brain wherever they go. With every footstep, they’re thinking and dreaming about the next best thing to see or do. So instead of reaching for a novel or a thriller, those who are addicted to travel tend to search for travel material that keeps inspiring. Seeking new adventures is thrilling, after all. So do read travel material, do watch travel videos and keep absorbing this amazing world, because there really is so much to do and see!
  3. Having friends all over the world – as a travel addict and having already travelled far and wide, having friends all over the world comes at no surprise. Travelling makes it incredibly easy to meet new people. From hostels and hotels to cafes to adventures outside, finding friends everywhere is inevitable. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Keeping up with friendships is such a beautiful achievement after travelling and the bonus is being able to visit them once the trip has ended! Stay in touch with those friends, and with thanks to travel, you will never be lonely again!
  4. You can sleep anywhere and on anything – for some reason, travelling builds a thicker skin on us, it makes us more equipped and ready for life. It hardens our shell and strengthens our mind to be able to deal with circumstances that before travelling, we might not have been able to do so. Being able to lie down anywhere and sleep for the night is a definite link to travelling. From sleeping on a train to an aeroplane to a bus to a friend’s bedroom floor, being a master in backpacking definitely, increases our capabilities!
  5. Your home isn’t a place for you but just a feeling – you feel that you have a sense of belonging when you are travelling. After returning home after a trip you feel a little lost and out of place. It doesn’t feel like home, you know it is your home, but you feel most at ease when you’re sort of ‘out-of-control’ and letting go of life. Not taking life seriously is addictive in itself. The whole world is our new home, as travel junkies!

Live the life you love and love the life you live

Live your dream and enjoy our amazing world. Whether you have intentions of investing in a particular country or place, don’t hesitate, just do it! Enjoy and embrace everything and everyone, because travelling widens your horizons and makes you a much stronger and well-rounded person. Your next trip is around the corner, don’t hesitate, go for it!

Written by Gemma Smith

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