Travel to Asia this year: when’s the best time to travel?

Amazing Asia – travel to Asia this year, our planet’s biggest and most populous continent. It is situated in the eastern and northern hemispheres and shares the European and Africa continent too (Eurasia and Afro-Eurasia).

Incredibly, Asia covers 30% of the Earth’s total land area, so no wonder why so many people live there. It is incredibly popular – they have an abundance of awe-inspiring multicultural heritage and there is so much to do and see in all of the countries.

There are approximately 4.4 billion people living in Asia and every year tourists flood in to make the most of this almost like ‘new world’. For a lot of people, Asia is far from home so to travel to Asia is a big deal and very, very exciting. It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean.

During springtime, a few countries in Asia are not in the monsoon season and endure the dry season. There are scorching temperatures and high levels of humidity, so if you like this sort of weather, travel to Asia during April and enjoy the magnificent fun that can be found in so many Asian countries. Visit India, Nepal, where it is so sunny and desirable for trekking (for the adventurous type). During April too, why not go across to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and the Philippines where the weather is comfortable and ideal for a holiday? Late spring is a nice time to visit Bali and some areas of China, however, in general, it is best to avoid Asia during May.

In summer, a large majority of Asia countries experience a period of monsoon, which includes high humidity, high winds and heat waves. This is something to be aware of when looking to visit a country in Asia. Indonesia, however, is an exception, as is Japan. In July, Bali and Java can be recommended to visit – they are busy with tourists, though! So that is what makes the summer months (for the UK) the least recommended season to travel to Asia, but of course, personal preference is what counts.

During Autumn the monsoon has finished, but Southern China, on the other hand, has been known to go through terrible typhoons so investigate before making plans to travel to China during this time. October is the main month where tourism is kick-started – it is slightly less warm but very dry, so it’s perfect for those days out travelling around Asia. Particularly pleasant destinations at this time include Hong Kong, Indonesia, north-east China and South Korea – vegetation blossoms and nature looks its finest.

On the other hand, winter may be the ideal time to visit Asia. There are bright sun and lovely temperatures. Something that is important to note, however, is that the winter cold nights can be daunting, especially around mountainous areas.

Asia is beautiful in many ways so it is definitely worth your while to explore. There is so much to see and do, you will be stuck for choice!

Written by Gemma Smith

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