July 22, 2019

Successful realtors: what are the top secrets?

successful realtors

Many of you may be wondering what truly separates the average estate agent – a realtor – to successful realtors and rightly so – what are the top tips?

A lot of people believe that it’s a lot of experience that defines an estate agent from being average to successful, some say it depends on the location of where an estate agent is based and some believe that it comes down to luck. What do you think?

Let’s take a look at the habits of successful realtors and by doing so, we may be able to spot some trends that count towards their success rate:

  • Not letting obstacles stop them

As an estate agent, it is important to stay organised and on top of the work load. However, at times this may not be so easy and so the little things may cause a pile up of stress and can often be quite distracting. With distractions comes a lack of focus, which could affect sales and performance. Successful realtors are good at not letting obstacles beat them but rather they beat the obstacles. It’s about allowing the obstacles to drive you as a person, letting that be the fuel and hunger to chase more sales, more success. Focusing on what one is good at it’s an effective way to utilise a positive skill-set. Don’t get beaten!

  • Always willing to learn and try new things

Staying ahead of the game is important if a successful realtor is contending with competitors. A successful realtor will continuously top up their knowledge of the real estate property market and stay up to date with techniques, legal concerns and housing regulations. ‘Knowledge is power’ and we couldn’t agree more.

  • Obtain a Mentor

Something that a lot of people find hard to accept is allowing someone else or a group of experts to take over a job that can be done in a way that is better than if you did it yourself. A successful realtor will be more than happy to allow someone else to offer advice and guidance and to proactively work on a specific, important issue, where both parties are benefiting one another.

  • Network, network, network

Increasing the social aspect to the real estate industry is absolutely imperative. The significance of networking is that you never know who you might meet. Coming across like-minded people and staying in touch can really enable you to utilise the energy that is so vitally essential to the success of your business. Create successful partnerships and feel excited about your work; after all, you are doing it every day. Network in-person as well as online – face-to-face is always more effective and allows you to really build meaningful relationships with others.

  • Be energetic, shine your positive wisdom and stay proactive

Remaining proactive is so important to enhancing and building a business. successful realtors never stop working – even when they go home they’re thinking of new innovative techniques on how to build their business to the next level. Don’t waste your precious time on things that will not boost and better your business. Chase warm leads, array your energetic positivity about the real estate and at the same time spread your ‘real estate’ wisdom.

  • Learn when to say NO

Stay focused on your goals and objectives. By letting pointless meetings and events clog up your diary you may get distracted which will cause a loss of focus that equals unsuccessful outcomes. Keep your eyes on your priorities and watch your real estate manoeuvres jump from great to fantastic to overwhelmingly great. Embrace your mistakes too, they may actually teach you something that will shape you becoming that successful realtor you always desired.

Written by Gemma Smith

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