Reasons why your property listing may not be selling

It can be very frustrating when a property listing doesn’t sell.

Many reasons could be to blame but one of the biggest reasons is because a property is too overpriced in your property listing. Or it may be that a property needs a lot of work doing, which makes it difficult to sell. Another reason could be due to the seller not feeling willing to accept a penny less than the asking price. All of these factors are very hard to control, so there are always ways to understand and improve your listing so that it makes it more sellable in the future.

However, what do you do if all of those outside factors fit the spec for a sale, yet it’s still impossible to shift it off the market? 

Is it your listing?

When we say your listing, we don’t mean the listing as specifically the property itself, but as in your listing of the property. Many agents work excessively trying to sell a listing and then their listing gets rewritten on MLS in a poor way. This can be very, very detrimental.

When other people take charge of your listing, you have to be careful that it doesn’t get reshaped or written badly. If you’ve been in the real estate market for a while then you’ve probably witnessed this a few times yourself. For example, you can find some listings with bad grammar, capitalised words for no reason, redundant punctuation and so on, and it’s those factors that can really prevent your listing from selling.

Writing compelling listings can take hard-earned practice and skills, so here are some basic guidelines to steer you in the right direction:

A catchy headline is a must.

This is what reels your readers in. It hooks them quick and conveniently, making them intrested in your listing way above others. Ensure that the headline is related to the most attractive element of the property, to promote it in the best light possible. Some examples of enticing headlines are: “Incredible Ocean Views” or “Blissful Sunset Views” or “Panoramic Balcony Views“, whatever it is that you want to make stand out, be tactical about it because it may make a bigger difference than you think. (TIP: using adjectives are key!)

Content is essential.

Highlight the main features of your property in the main body. Be very specific and use catchy language to make sure the readers stay interested. Using brands and key words that the readers may be familiar with is a useful technique and mention any improvements – such as developments, either structural or cosemetic – in the main body too.

When it comes down to listing descriptions, less content is better. Mention the main features and that’s it. Remember that you’re only listing the property, so stay focused on language that really captures and fulfills that intention. If there are more details you’d like to share then leave your email or a request form and send on more information to anyone that asks for it. (TIP: use catchy but simplistic language!)

Stay mindful of details and grammar.

Be careful with your punctuation. Use platforms such as Grammarly to help you take full control over your punctuation, to avoid making silly mistakes. If you emphasise everything in your listing, you’re having the opposite effect. Remember always, less is more!

Be considerate when using capital letters, too. It can seem like you’re shouting when you’re not, so think of alternatives, like make the words bold instead or italic.

Proof, proof, proof-read your work always. Write your work up on Microsoft Word first so the processor can rid any mistakes. Don’t use apostrophes or ellipses if you don’t know how to use them, it’ll make your listing look immature and people are less likely to take your listing seriously. (TIP: Google or YouTube grammar and punctuation techniques to improve your listing even more!)

Stimulate your reader visually.

Including good photos are an essential part of your listing. As they say, a picture can speak a thousand words. So try and invest in a good camera and take some decent shots of your property. Don’t rush it either, take your time and play around with your camera. Get to know it, let it become your friend. Even if you have to snap the same thing 10 times, the perfect image will be amongst them all. However, if you really don’t feel confident then don’t panic! Just hire a pro to do it for you. This part of the listing is vital to get right. (TIP: use Photoshop to edit your images to enhance their quality or ask someone else to edit them for you!)

Visit professional property portals today to witness excellent property listings.

Happy selling everyone!

Written by Gemma Smith


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