Fly for less, much less, with cheap Ryanair flights

Travelling and seeing the world has never been so easy with cheap Ryanair flights. Following the €9.99 St. Patrick’s Day sale, they sold seats for just €5. This is astoundingly cheap, almost too good to be true, and the airline tends to offer grabbing deals all year round.

These sales happen quite often so it’s wise to stay aware and on the lookout on a regular basis. Catching deals like this is a blessing and it really does save a lot of money when browsing patiently for cheap Ryanair flights. They are an affordable and hugely diverse airline, which makes them convenient and suitable for jetting around the world for less.

The Irish low-cost carrier put up 100,000 cheap seats for sale and it lasted just over 12-hours. The travel dates are only available between April and May, but it is a nice time to take advantage of cheap Ryanair flights, in the build-up and preparation for summer.

Being spontaneous and booking a flight to another place is very exciting. This situation allows tourism to flourish to new heights, broadens people’s horizons and opens up opportunities for people that otherwise wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for travel.

Investors can reap the benefits too – it’s a great opportunity to browse the property market on an international basis. Deals can be made and meetings can be scheduled easily and more frequently. Travelling for less is better for everyone, in all ways, all year round.

Most of the cheap flights originate at major points in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Shannon. Flying across Europe from Ireland, for example, is probably one of the best ways of making the most of these fantastic deals.

Deal seekers based in and around London can score €5 tickets to Basel, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, and Glasgow, as well as other European cities. There are other great deals from places such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca and Space. Naples to Venice could be purchased for just €4.88 during the sale! Calling this a bargain would be a mere understatement.

Browse and make the most out of incredible cities all over. Don’t hold back, check out the property market now and get planning.

Written by Gemma Smith

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