Costa Cálida – a paradise coast

Thinking about travelling to Murcia, to the Costa Cálida? Then maybe you should.

Increasingly, tourists are being drawn to this beautiful part of Spain and no wonder why. Coves and beaches can be revealed all across the region of Murcia, which makes up a big part of the Costa Cálida and gives this unique coast a special advantage.

For most parts of Murcia, they see their average temperature at roughly 19º C and their rainfall is minimal – the sun loves to shine brightly throughout the year – warming up the hearts and smiles of all those who visit the Costa Cálida and for those who live in the different communities in Murcia.

But what is it that makes the beaches along the Costa Cálida so special?

Beach of Bolnuevo

The municipality of Mazarrón can probably best be epitomised by the Playa de Bolnuevo. It is widely distinguished by its long shore of over a kilometre and it protected by a cosy promenade that lasts for metres before it even begins. There is a golden glossy sand that covers this beach, really making it stand out as a paradise land, that is absolutely blissful and divine for anyone looking to fully enjoy and embrace the inviting warmth of the Murcia coast.

If you’re one of those people that fall in love with beaches and feel that you’re on a constant quest to uncover some of the most scenic and charming beaches of the world, then ensure you check out each of these Costa Cálida beaches. They are sure to blow your mind. Travel to Murcia, find yourself, broaden horizons and be surprised by this extraordinary world of splendid nature

Cala Reona

At the pivotal point of the end of the Manga de Murcia, hidden away so eloquently you will discover the Cala Reona, behind the Cabo de Palos. This reserve is made up of rocks with around 200 metres of sand too, so it is very distinctive. This junction of the coast of Murcia benefits from their connection to the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Palos, which is one of the most fertile and richest seabed’s in the whole territory. This enriches the well-respected reputation of the Cala Reona, as it offers a true sense of diversity and ‘life’ under water.

Playa Paraiso

This striking and exquisite beach is profoundly known as the Honda beach of Murcia. Their exclusive blue flag is recognisable by the European Union, which gives this beach even more of a fashionable high-class aura. It is located at the southern end of the Mar Menor of Murcia and is one of the most favourited in the area, giving graceful gratitude to its 800 metres of luscious sand. Without a doubt, if you’re visiting the Costa Cálida there is no way that you can leave without experiencing the Playa Paraiso for yourself. It is outstandingly picturesque!

Calblanque Beach

This beach is found in the Manga of Murcia and could possibly be described as one of the most symbolic of the region. Not only does that beach stand out but it is surrounded by a virgin landscape and by the dunes of the Regional Park of Calblanque. Visitors and those who live around here absolutely fall in love with the very first step and sight – it is a true environment evocative of the desert and radiates an energy of spiritual urban life to the local communities. There are incredible mountainous views in the distance, so in all, it is one image of paradise that Spain, this particular region of Spain, has to offer.

Written by Gemma Smith

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