Buy a property in Argentina: English speaking country

Argentines are known as the most fluent English-speakers in the whole of Latin America, which is a great advantage when looking to buy a property in Argentina. This is according to the EF English Proficiency Index in 2015.

English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, so investing in a country that has this as their prime language offers huge benefits on an investor’s behalf.

On a global scale, Argentina came 15th out of 70 countries that participated in the study, which uses data from 910,000 adults. Despite first place going to Sweden and earning 70.94 points, Argentina was still well ahead of its neighbours with a 60.26 point score, which is a high level in comparison.

Argentine women scored higher than men, scoring 59.66 compared to 57.66. To buy a property in Argentina when you speak English as the main language is a great prospect, it means that communication will be no issue, and attracting the audience that can be lured in by the English language will be relatively simple. Investing in an English speaking country means that as an English investor, you can facilitate your business in your own way and using your own effective tongue.

The EF report showed that while Latin America has continued to work on improving their English fluency, the English ability of adults is still low compared to the rest of the world.

Argentina may be the hotspot for investment and when looking to buy a property in Argentina, you can have peace of mind that you’ve probably chosen the most convenient country for communication purposes. There has, however, been an increase in encouragement from the government programmes in Latin America, where they are influencing their people to participate and improve their English fluency. Many Latin American politicians have promised to include English teaching programmes within their realm of priorities, but knowing how serious this decision will be taken remains unknown.

So relax and buy a property in a stunning country, an English speaking country and continue to read our engaging Latin America property news to stay up to date with the latest movements in the industry.

Written by Gemma Smith

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