Advise for UK Nationals living in Spain

The UK Government has said that its citizens are top priority in the March 2019 Brexit negotiations. British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manley said the goal is ‘an agreement that provides citizens with greater certainty about their future’.

The first key element of the new proposal is residence status and working rights. Until the UK’s exit, EU citizens in the UK will continue to enjoy all the rights they currently have under EU law; they can continue to live and work in the UK just as they do now.

”The same rights also apply to you, British residents in Spain.  You can continue to live and work here in Spain as you always have done,” said Manley.

*In an open letter to British citizens, the ambassador said: “I appreciate that this is a period of uncertainty and many of you have questions and want more advice for UK nationals living in Spain. We want to help you prepare for all scenarios and further relevant information will continue to be made available on

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