White island of Ibiza is more than just a party location

Welcome to Ibiza, a little paradise off the coast of Spain found in the heart of the Mediterranean. Without a doubt this island has a special charm and unique spirit that has to be experienced. Ibiza is known for its all-night parties till dawn, world-wide famous DJ´s and super clubs, however there is much more to this Balearic beauty that meets the eye. 

The rich Mediterranean landscape promises white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, infinite calmness and tranquility along with high class restaurants and hippy markets. 

The most exquisite side of Ibiza is its contrasts. Romantic yet bustling and vibrant, intriguing yet harmonious, brash yet peaceful, cosmopolitan and luxury yet loving the lush green pines trees and rural villages. The little island that looks like a small patch of the land floating in the crystal waters of Mediterranean offers a decent amount of diversity and variation. From the first glance it might feel it is all about the boating, beach bars and shopping followed by dancing till the next morning.

white island

However, beyond all of this, there is a relaxed side which entices for more laidback holiday experience. You can easily spend an afternoon wandering through the streets of Dalt Villa, or if you fancy a different shopping experience, there are few hippy markets offering jewelry, home-made natural cosmetics or crafts. Get lost visiting the west coast and Es Vedra, which is referred to as the source of Ibiza´s unexplainable energy. Some people say it is one of the most magnetic points in the world. Not to mention a must-try snorkeling experience in the clear waters and rocky outcrops in Cala Salada and Cala d´en Serra. 

Being such an extraordinary island that combines creativity with luxe, it has fantastic opportunities for investors for the following reasons: 

  1. Land on islands in general is a scarce resource
  2. Demand for property on this island is rising rapidly attracting investors from around the world who are mostly looking for villas or apartment for sale  

white island

One of the most renowned agencies in Real Estate market is Unik Ibiza Real Estate providing professional advice and expertise regarding property and land sales with a significant amount of listings this present year. 


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