Visit Cape Town this year with a loved one, with your family or even solo

Do you feel tempted to visit Cape Town this year?

Africa is the Mother Land and sometimes there are hidden beauties across the globe that need mentioning to remind people of what the world has on offer.

In all Africa’s splendour, Cape Town is profoundly known as the Mother City, but could it be called the Mother of All Cities? It has incredible scenery and centuries-old architecture that is covered in minimalistic creative modernism. Getting away and travelling is so important – it is healthy for the mind to escape to other places and see the world. It also inspires many people to buy a property so that there is a base in a place of choice, where no goodbye is ever a ‘goodbye’. 

This South African beauty encompasses all of the life’s wonders with its buzzing nightlife and jaw-breaking harbours and sea fronts. The mountains enclose a lot of the stunning beaches too, complementing the picturesque views.

Cape Town is set against the iconic Table Mountain plateau and the Table Bay. In this area, Cape Town is popular with its seal population and great white sharks, so do be careful when getting in the sea!

Their rich history, upbeat culture and iconic attractions make it a ‘sincere metropolis’ on the cost. The cuisines that can be found in Cape Town are perfect for people from all walks of life. Whether a visitor comes with a loved one, a family member or even solo, both the people and the place have the whole package and the welcoming aura is divine.

Cape Town’s creative touches are so unique too, which is to do with the city becoming a World Design Capital in 2014. From the chalets of Muizenberg to the Afro-chic décor inside the restaurants, there is so much to keep any visitor or property investor looking to buy a property visually stimulated.

Aside from the Cape Penisula, you may stumble across constrasting landscapes. There are cute, charming towns and bucolic estates of Wineland destinations like Franschhoek. However, it all depends on the individual where is best suited to go depending on taste and travelling demands.

So when is the best time to go? Well, the summer is December through to March. The fall, however, is between April and June and is an ideal time to visit Cape Town to experience the wine harvest. September to November is the best time to absorb the outdoors; the beautiful flowers and trees that flourish are irresistible and blossoming. It may be worthy to know that English is known to be universally spoken in Cape Town, so communication for the majority will not be an issue.

You will meet people from all over the planet, enjoy life for all its purity in the Mother Land and soak up incredible and inspirational landscapes, so visit Cape Town and see for yourself.

Written by Gemma Smith

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