Famous Prince’s old villa in Spain in still on the property market

Music legend Prince still has a villa in Spain for sale worth millions.

The property is based near Marbella in southern Spain and is still waiting for a buyer to come along and snatch it up. So far, it has been on the market for two years. This is a long time for such a popular music artist to have a property still available on the market, but there must be some sort of explanation.

It is a pink coloured villa that overlooks the Mediterranean. It has an outdoor Jacuzzi and a two-level master bedroom suite that has a very posh inside. It is worth 5.25 million euros, which isn’t cheap for the average property investor.

Prince bought the villa in 1998 as a wedding gift for his ‘then wife’ but since it has been back on the market, it isn’t receiving a lot of attention. People have said that it could be because it is a little out-dated and the location isn’t superb. A lot of people are looking at popular areas in Marbella such as Sierra Blanca or La Zagaleta when choosing the location for a property investment. The delay in finding a buyer may suggest that there is a shift in taste for luxury homes that cost fortunes.

The country’s economic success is shining but this doesn’t necessarily mean that high-end investment opportunities are being taken advantage of. Sometimes the prices of property are just too high and if the variables don’t match up to the investor or buyer’s requirements, then the property could sit on the market for a very long time.

The villa lies just west of Marbella in the hills of El Paraiso in a wealthy area overlooking beautiful views of mountains and a prestige golf course. The fact the property once belonged to Prince increasingly adds value to the property. It has a special energy inside of it, so no doubt it will sell to the right person or group in the foreseeable future.

Buying a villa in Spain is a dream come true for so many people, especially for first-time buyers. For a lot of investors, buying a property abroad becomes a norm where they do it so often. Owning a villa in Spain is, however, a very wise decision as a property investor as the prices are reasonably cheap and the way of life is desirable by people all over the world. That is why, Prince’s old property is a fantastic buy, especially on the behalf of a wealthy investor in a position to put down a large sum of money.

Written by Gemma Smith

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