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UK real estate is still popular among overseas property investors

As it stands, the UK real estate market is still the most popular place to invest in among property investors.

This property news comes as a big surprise as the Brexit decision has affected many property investors.

Approximately 30% of respondents selected the UK as their preferred commercial real estate choice to invest in, which is down 31% from the year before.

A lot of people favour Germany as their second place of preference to invest in, according to BrickVest;s survey. Fewer than one in five chose the United States, which shows a 21% drop on last year. A figure of 18% of people selected France, which demonstrated an increase from 14% from 2016. Comparing, on the whole, the UK definitely stands strong as the leading competitor in the commercial real estate market.

The barometer, however, revealed that the German and French investment market favoured the UK market less than the year before. Despite this, it is, as a matter of fact, a lot of international investors have suggested that they prefer the UK as a property investment market.

The UK investor sentiment towards the UK dropped marginally from 23% to 22%. Despite the Brexit decision, almost 46% of BrickVest’s UK commercial real estate market has selected their home market as their ideal location.

BrickVest;s UK investors have suggested that Germany was second, the US third and France fourth, in relation to preferred places to invest in. In all, the UK housing market still remains the most popular place to invest in. With all its cultural beauty and housing opportunities for investments, international investors are noticing the trend.

Another fact worth noting is that from BrickVest’s barometer, which shows that the investment objective for the most, 48% of its online investors is capital growth compared with the 37% who chose to opt out for income.

Despite the figures and facts, the truth of the real estate market is that the UK housing market is strong and it keeps growing from strength to strength. Not only that, but the UK housing market keeps on attracting investors from all over the world and this is nothing but a positive for the UK real estate industry.

Written by Gemma Smith

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