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Students accommodation demand in London

London has maintained a top spot among cities preferred for students accommodation among the 426 popular study destinations across the globe. Research also shows that cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Manchester are trailing behind London in terms of demand.

According to a survey conducted by a reputable students accommodation portal,, most of the top ten cities are in the United Kingdom. Glasgow maintains a fifth position on the log while cities such as Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Los Angeles, and Birmingham are among the top choice destinations.

The standings account shows that statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency indicates that 19% of the students who are learning in higher education in the United Kingdom are not citizens of the UK while this soars to 53% at full-time postgraduate level. The report also observed the time when these students make reservations for their housing, the period they enter the apartment and their past travelling details. According to a report, those students who registered for their accommodation in 2017 have taken a trip of an estimated 95 million kilometres to arrive at their final destinations.

According to Luke Nolan, the chief executive officer of, he opined that the information available to the portal shows that most international students especially Asians and Europeans prefer coming to the United Kingdom for their studies. However, he said this is not a reason to be self-satisfied. He also pointed out that the UK should strive to support the aims of its universities in order to ensure the nation remains appealing to international students as there is a fierce global competition for international students each year.

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In his words, he opined that most international students can go any length to gain more knowledge and study. He also advised that it is a mutual responsibility of everyone to ensure the mobility of international students and make them feel comfortable irrespective of their originating countries.

When countries are categorized, the cities that are preferred for students accommodation in Australia are Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. In the United States, cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles are top destinations. Montreal is the most preferred destination closely followed by Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and London in Ontario.

Paris is the most preferred city in France with Montpellier in the second spot. Lyon, Marseille, and Nantes are also top choice destinations in France. Berlin maintained the top spot in Germany and closely followed by Frankfurt, Bonn, Munich, and Darmstadt. Students chose Barcelona as the best destination while Madrid is the second preferred city followed by cities such as Valencia, Murcia, and Girona. Milan is the favorite city for students closely followed by Rome, Bologna, Florence and Turin.
Records have shown that about half of the students across the globe register for their accommodation over the summer months with Fridays being the perfect day for the transaction.

International students from Cyprus are likely to make a last-ditch attempt to get an accommodation according to a report. It is even recorded that almost 59% of the students often move their personal effects to their apartments on Saturdays. It has been observed that the second Saturday in the month of September remains the favorite day of the year for these students.

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