Pristine Portuguese real estate properties

Lisbon could be the ideal location to invest in Portuguese real estate properties. For cultural enjoyments, Lisbon stands out in value and might just be Europe’s most underrated city. Across to the South of Portugal in Algarve, you will find wide beaches, golf courses and red cliffs, but the capital city is just magnificent in its own unique way.

Lisbon is full of life. The city is investing €33.7 million over the next three years to improve many parts to the city. They are upgrading the historic waterfront while heightening their ‘already-good’ reputation for food, value and dynamic style. Since the opening of the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), the city has had endured a wave of new hotels.

The place is the warmest in the winter time and is profoundly known as the city of water. The Tagus River, the Atlantic Sea, is nearby for people who want to go surfing and enjoy their seasonal and pleasurable charm. Historic property in Lisbon is high in value too. The place offers real estate worth on a worldwide scale. It is a fantastic place to invest in, with privileges as named above that are extreme advantages.

It appears that mainstream residential prices are two-thirds of those in Madrid, one-third of Berlin’s and one tenth of London. Noting this, Lisbon still offers a better quality of life than all three, based on the low state of cost of living, decreased levels of crime, a lush climate most of the year and lower pollution levels. It certainly is a good place to be in, let alone invest in.

Property prices are outperforming the national average standing 11.9% higher than in 2013. A reason for this growth is that from 1974 until 2012 rents in Lisbon were frozen. During that time investors were thrown from investing as it provided no substantial yields. However, when the protectionist law was changed in 2012, developers noticed the point in restoring Lisbon’s luxurious buildings that are a huge attraction for tourism and citizens looking to settle down in Portugal, all over the globe.

There is a combination of good, strong investment potential in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as a top-of-the-range lifestyle that ought to attract investors towards the Portuguese real estate properties market.

In particular, Chinese buyers are reaping the benefits of Portugal’s successful Golden Visa scheme that got introduced in 2012. It gives non-EU residents spending €500,000 or more on property, a route to obtaining an EU passport.

In all, Lisbon and Portugal as a whole are in a very strong position, and deservingly so. Thinking of investing? It may be a wise decision. So do so with the right company. 

Written by Gemma Smith

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