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Find a property in Asia or enjoy a relaxing holiday

Are you looking to find a property in Asia? Or maybe you are just looking to jet off for a while on a relaxing holiday. If either one of those sounds about right to you, then we may have some top holiday news and interesting facts to tempt you to go for it.

So what countries can we recommend to go to – from a tourist perspective and from an investor’s point of view?

Read below to find out our top four recommended countries in Asia to visit.

  1. Japan – this country is continuously on the up and no wonder why. This beautiful country based by the Pacific Ocean has imperial, eye-opening palaces, incredible scenery with mountainous national parks and several shrines and temples. There is so much to do in this buzzing country and it is always attracting tourists from all over. This means, from an investment perspective, to find a property in Japan is only good news. Their skyscrapers, shopping and popular culture are very appealing to people all over the world.
  2. Hong Kong – this place’s mix of feng shui and finance, trams and temples make it the perfect holiday destination for those cultural and spiritual enthusiasts. It is a fascinating city with heaps to offer. During your stay there you’ll likely say by the end of the trip just how mouth-watering the food is, it may even be some of the best food you’ve ever eaten in your life. So find a property in Hong Kong and make it a regular visit to this gem of an Asian country. It is a place where China and Britain have come together and created something unique and divinely spectacular. Explore it and enjoy it, in every way, as an investor or as a tourist.
  3. Singapore – this country is a mixture of different cultures all in one. It has a contrast of new and old architecture making it very enticing and exciting for visitors. Their backdrop of skyscrapers are insanely huge and attractive, they look so modernised and they genuinely have it all to offer. They have a spectrum of dining options available for you as a tourist or an investor if you’re there just to explore and fancy a bite. Their prices range from pricey to affordable so no matter your background, you’re bound to feel comfortable. Find a property with Q Listings today and make a very wise decision to visit this Asian country.
  4. China – with their huge and buzzing energy and can-do drive and determination, this place is a country full of dreams and opportunities. They have a very busy population and a challenging language barrier, however, this will not be elements to put you off when looking to find a property here. Do not rush your time in China as there really is so much to do, so as a tourist, take your time and make sure you book yourself enough time here to really get the most from it.

Written by Gemma Smith

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