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Exploring the Timeless Melody of Stephen Sondheim’s Home


Step Inside Stephen Sondheim’s Musical Retreat: A Charming Connecticut Haven Listed for $3.25 Million

Let’s take a delightful journey into the world of the late Broadway icon, Stephen Sondheim, as we explore his enchanting rural Connecticut estate. Recently listed for $3.25 million, this 9-acre haven in Roxbury served as Sondheim’s home for nearly four decades.

A Home That Sings with History

Built way back in 1792, this charming house is like a living museum, blending the elegance of the past with the comfort of today. Graham Klemm, the listing agent from Klemm Real Estate Inc., invites us to discover the unique charm of this property, adorned with a paneled library, a cozy dining room, a sunlit room, and a primary suite on the main level.

The Heartbeat of the Home – Sondheim’s Music Room

Picture stepping into a room pulsating with energy – that’s Sondheim’s music room. A newer addition, this space holds the echoes of Sondheim and his friends creating musical magic at the piano. Klemm compares it to a “Smithsonian installation,” emphasizing its significance as a tribute to the maestro’s legacy.

Modern Comforts and Tranquil Retreats

Beyond its historical charm, the property offers modern marvels. A sprawling great room with a lofty ceiling and a stone fireplace seamlessly blends with the 1790s core. As Klemm notes, there are multiple enchanting spots around the estate, including a private pool area and a one-bedroom pool house – creating a peaceful retreat.

A Wider Audience – Interest Beyond Connecticut

Klemm shares fascinating insights into the property’s appeal, not just locally but from across the country. Enquiries from California to Tennessee highlight the widespread interest, with potential buyers eager to claim their piece of Sondheim’s legacy.

The Celestial Symphony of Roxbury

What makes Roxbury unique? Klemm spills the beans – it’s a haven for celebrities seeking solace. The absence of paparazzi and the serene atmosphere make it a refuge where big names can relax without the constant attention.

Digging Deeper – Your Questions Answered

What Makes Sondheim’s Estate Stand Out?

Sondheim’s estate stands out for its perfect blend of historical charm and modern comfort. The music room, in particular, is a special tribute to the maestro’s artistic legacy.

What Features Define the Property?

Notable features include a charming library, a cozy dining room, a sunlit room, and a primary suite on the main level. The newer additions, like the music room and the great room, add a touch of modern elegance.

Why is the Music Room So Important?

The music room is a newer addition crafted by Sondheim, resonating with the energy of musical creativity. Its significance lies in preserving the maestro’s legacy, and Klemm suggests it’s like having a piece of the Smithsonian in your home.

What Modern Amenities Does the Estate Offer?

In addition to historical charm, the property boasts modern marvels like the sprawling great room and the private pool area. These amenities create a tranquil escape, combining the best of the past and present.

What’s Drawing Interest Beyond Connecticut?

Sondheim’s legacy is the magnet attracting potential buyers from California to Tennessee. The property’s widespread appeal showcases the universal admiration for the late Broadway legend.

What Makes Roxbury a Celebrity Sanctuary?

Roxbury’s charm lies in its tranquility. The absence of paparazzi allows celebrities to unwind and feel at ease, making it a sought-after destination for those craving privacy.

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