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Barrington Hall – Where Heritage Beckons and Elegance Resides

Title: Unveiling the Timeless Charm: Barrington Hall – A Journey Through History and Elegance

Ever wondered what tales a historic mansion could tell? Join us on a captivating exploration of Barrington Hall, an 1842 Greek Revival-style plantation home that weaves together the threads of history, family, and architectural brilliance. Let’s embark on a journey that transcends time, discovering the allure that earned Barrington Hall a spot among the “50 Most Beautiful Homes in Metro Atlanta.”

Have you ever stepped into a place that breathes history? This epic location, built in 1842, isn’t just a house; it’s a living testament to the vision of Roswell’s founders and the resilience of the King family. Let’s unravel the layers of this historic gem, from its inception to its present-day grandeur.

The Founding Vision: Roswell King and the Birth of a Town

In the late 1820s, Roswell King’s gaze fell upon the picturesque beauty of northern Fulton County, Georgia. Explore how this visionary, along with his son Barrington, laid the foundations for the town of Roswell and the Roswell Manufacturing Company in 1839.

Barrington Hall’s Rise: A Home on the Highest Peak

Journey back to 1842, as Barrington King chose the pinnacle of Roswell for his residence. Built in the Greek Revival style by Willis Ball, Barrington Hall became a symbol of architectural splendor. Walk through the corridors of history, from its construction to Barrington King’s occupancy until 1866.

The Family Saga: Generations at Barrington Hall

Meet the Kings—Barrington, Catherine, and their nine children. Discover how the legacy continued through Eva Baker, the only daughter, and her family’s enduring commitment to preserving this amazing landmark of history until 1960. Feel the familial warmth that echoes through the walls of this historic abode.

Stewardship and Friendships: Katharine, Lois, and Sarah’s Legacy

Step into the shoes of Katharine Simpson, the custodian of Barrington Hall from 1960 to 1995. Learn about the remarkable friendship with Lois Carson and the passing of the torch to Sarah Winner. Uncover the two-year restoration journey that earned this historical masterpiece the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s Outstanding Restoration Award.

A Living Museum and Cultural Haven

Fast forward to the present as Barrington Hall is now a house museum, a testament to Sarah Winner’s dedication and the City of Roswell’s commitment. Immerse yourself in daily tours, exploring the fully restored interiors and the only antebellum public garden in the greater Atlanta area.

FAQ Section: Your Gateway to Barrington Hall

Q1: What inspired the choice of Barrington Hall’s location in Roswell?

A: Barrington King selected the highest point for Barrington Hall, offering a commanding view and symbolizing the family’s prominence.

Q2: Can visitors explore the original family possessions at Barrington Hall?

A: Absolutely! This amazing Building is adorned with many original family pieces, providing an authentic glimpse into the lives of its former residents.

Q3: How can I plan a visit to Barrington Hall?

A: This Hall is open for tours Monday through Saturday, with the first tour starting at 10 am and the last at 3 pm. Sunday tours begin at 1 pm and conclude at 3 pm.

Barrington Hall is more than a house; it’s a living narrative of the past, a testament to the visionaries who shaped Roswell. As you walk through its rooms and gardens, remember that you’re not just witnessing history—you’re becoming a part of it. Plan your visit, and let Barrington Hall’s timeless charm and elegance weave their magic on you.

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